Gambit Chess publication: Chess Explained: The Grünfeld by Valentin Bogdanov . Does anyone have a good Grünfeld defence book or any good theory source on Rc1 in the Exchange Variation, would be “Chess Explained: The Grunfeld”. Chess Explained – The Gruenfeld Compiled by (D72) Neo-Grunfeld, , Main line, 60 moves, 5 (D70) Neo-Grunfeld Defense, 28 moves, 8.

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We hope that you have enjoyed the games presented above and that they will represent a good starting point for studying the Grunfeld in depth.

I find this book to be the best on this opening for an audience rated below It is interesting to watch how black harmoniously brings his pieces into play, while white seems to be out of ideas.

Bc4 Exchange, he covers the b6 ideas, Bd7 ideas with and without Bg4 f3Qc7 ideas, etc. It is just as important for Black to understand what is wrong with certain ideas as it is having a set of “correct” lines. I guess I need something newer since I have been playing a lot of them recently.

See the annotated game below: An excellent resource for all the odd ball sidelines, like 5. Allows you to judge grnufeld lines you feel are best for your situation. One of the most popular defenses for black today against 1.

Short Guide to Understand the Grunfeld

The Grunfeld goes heavily into all of the main stream lines. The one from Delchev from chess stars is more positional, and more explanation. Here is the point where the tree gets branched, as white has a wide number of systems to choose from. Add a comment Cancel reply. While the theory of these lines has been extensively developed, there is a coherent logical thread running through them: White gets the powerful pawn center, while chwss attacks it from a distance and tries to occupy it with his pieces.


The GM Repertoire will give you one of those lines. An insipid response from White yrunfeld not even retain equality, so in the main lines he takes up the gauntlet: May 30, 8.

Chess Explained books provide an understanding of an opening and the middlegames to which it leads, enabling you to find the right moves and plans in your own games. I have 2 books on the Gruenfeldboth very old. The next game is an example of the complications that can arise when white gets too confident.

Since then it has become a feared weapon, as it can lead to very sharp play.

Grünfeld defence books?

It is very detailed yet very broad in its coverage, and it covers everything that is important to know about for players on either side of the board in this opening. Both assumes quite advanced knowledge but then don’t think the whole opening is for beginners really. There are many lines and variations. Log In or Join. For example, in the 7.

Black intentionally gives up the center in the opening, provoking white to over-extend. The Grunfeld Opening usually starts after the moves 1.

However, it has not always been eplained popular, as it contradicts the general rules of chess. From a very early age, we are being explained the importance of the center.

Anish Giri, with the white pieces, starts a premature attack on the kingside, but after a few precise moves from black, it is white who needs to find explainned right moves to keep the equality.



His pupils include Moskalenko, Savchenko and Drozdovsky, and he has acted as a second for the well-known grandmaster and theoretician Viacheslav Eingorn since the late s. Gambit books by Bogdanov: Not knocking the grunfels, but I just think a more objective approach is best. Download a pdf file with a sample from the book. Of course, the opening theory has developed a lot since then, but it is an instructive game to watch nevertheless, as it shows the typical ideas of the opening.

Rc1 in the Exchange Variation, would be “Chess Explained: Rather he focuses on explaining all major plans and ideas in the various lines. It creates immediate imbalance and again it is crucial to know how to handle this opening as white too. May 30, 5. May 30, 3. It is a rather sharp line where white sacrifices a pawn for activity, but here black emerged on top after the complications: Who cares if I don’t know all the details?

It is as if you were sitting at the board with a chess coach answering your questions explianed the plans for both sides, the ideas behind particular moves, and what specific knowledge you need to have.

The two set Avrukh ones from quality chess are very good but maybe not suitable for learning level.