Cerebus the Aardvark (or simply Cerebus) is an independent comic book series that was written and illustrated by Canadian artist Dave Sim, with backgrounds. Reprinting Cerebus Issues Welcome to Estarcion, the wildly absurd and funny world of Cerebus the Aardvark. This initial volume collects the first two years. As the creator of Cerebus, Sim is one of the medium’s biggest champions for Aardvark-Vanaheim, starting with the flagship series Cerebus.

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Cerebus…the Earth-Pig…the barbarian…the aardvark. Cerebus blanks in again and he’s still in the crypt with a broken leg.

Aardvark-Vanaheim titles Comic book limited series Cerebus the Aardvark Fantasy comics Satirical comics Religious comics Comics critical of religion Canadian graphic novels Fictional aardvarks comics debuts comics endings Comics characters introduced in Comics featuring anthropomorphic characters Eisner Award winners Comics by Dave Sim Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles guest characters Canadian comics Canadian comics characters Fictional prime ministers Fictional popes Fictional swordsmen Fictional bartenders LGBT characters in comics Self-reflexive comics.

It became more like an occasionally illustrated novel than a comic book.

This first installment is t Reprinting Cerebus Issues Welcome to Estarcion, the wildly absurd and funny world of Cerebus the Aardvark. Hinted at in Latter Dayswhen Cerebus uses the long arm of a Spawn-like costume it makes sense in-story as an atlatl to fling away the baby of a dad being really annoying with cutesy-talk. Aug 10, Sud rated it really liked it Shelves: Rick’s left thumb is broken off-panel, albeit very loudly at the end of Jaka’s Story as punishment for striking Jaka.

For instance, two statu He has significantly aged, become a heavy drinker having barely been able to tolerate alcohol in “Jaka’s Story”and it is gradually revealed that the mental and emotional scars from the events at the end of “Jaka’s Story” have left him mildly insane.

This story arc concentrates on the last days and death of Oscar Wilde who is attended to by his trusted companion Robbie Ross rather than on Cerebus himself, who appears in only a few pages. The Three Stooges fulminate fanatically and it’s really hard reading. So we wait for each issue to see if the arrogant, sexist earth-pig can redeem himself, or is going to go ahead and die “unloved, unmourned and alone”.


They don’t grab an audience and grow with them. Sim announced early on that the series would end with the death of the title character. Cerebus cerebux off into the snow and finds himself in another tavern. Cerebus in the first issue.

However, what is important here is that Lord Julius looks and talks like Groucho Marx, a coincidence that is explained by the fact Groucho’s real aardvari was Julius.

It gets better–even noticeably within this volume.

Cerebus the Aardvark (Comic Book) – TV Tropes

Thanks for telling us about the problem. She is illegally working as a dancer in her landlord’s tavern. At the end of the book, Rick departs, for reasons not entirely clear, and tells Cerebus that he will see Rick only once more in his life. Behind the scenes, Sim experimented with LSD and drove himself beyond exhaustion creating and publishing his comic book. It can be difficult to truck through the first issues without much of a plot and since it just feels like a Mad Magazine take on Conan until things start moving.

When he blanks back in a few years later, he’s calling himself Fred, he’s looking old and pudgy and he’s on sheep duty and we learn about sheep. Even Jaka and Cerebus appear to be embarrassed and confused by some of what she talks about, frequently exchanging puzzled glances during these sequences. He’s living in another tavern, he’s lost weight and he’s looking more like Cerebus of old.

The starting point, as Sim himself admitted in teh beginning, was to “Look as much like Barry Smith as possible,” a point which is never more obvious than in issue 2 “Captive in Boreala,” which the opening pages are basically Sim’s version of Smith’s “Frost Giant’s Daughter.


Stories Cerebus in “High Society”. The problem is when we all go sharing the file with hundreds of people we don’t know, right? When the last issue of each novel has been published, a special publication of the novel is printed. I shall, Great Cerebus.

Aardvark-Vanheim Cerebuss 1, Language: Sound weird and confusing? Cerebus 1 is a necessary evil to enjoying this long running series. This item was listed by Dave. Elrond reappears and so does Bran Macmufin, clothed this time. Cerebus is alone again. Cerebus is an amoral character. Like-a-looks Aug Sep 90 Bridging episode. It is, at its heart, a parody.

I loved this one! Cerebus flies past Jupiter and that big red patch that happened a few years ago.

Heaps more theological argument – male religion versus female religion. He shook hands with everyone, asked the name, signed anything, and drew small Cerebus sketches, then shook hands again. Then Cerebus arrives at the cafe, in shell-shock after seeing the pub destroyed and Jaka gone. Guys Dec ? Especially if you like the old Conan comic series.

It’s eventually found in one of Cerebus’ bags of loot and seemingly destroyed, but a different one shows up in Church and State.

Beginning At Aardvark: The Extraordinary And Controversial Career of Dave Sim

Currently, an animated feature film is in the works. Oscar Wilde, Ernest Hemingway, and F. He’s the only sane guy in a truly insane universe, constantly eye-rolling or at least muttering a sarcastic line into dead air.

A long running series started around issue 26 called High Society. Cerebus the Aardvark 1. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. Want to Read saving….