C&E 386 PDF

(ii) on deposit pending assessment (C&E. Management Act section ). OR. (iii) on deposit pending consideration of relief. Examined, Satisfied, Cleared . C&E – this form is issued by HM Revenue and. Customs for a vehicle of any age personally imported from outside the EU. □ C&E – this form is issued. You have personally imported your motor vehicle into the UK from outside the EC . You should obtain Form C&E ,. or from HM Customs and Excise.

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Registration with the DVLA / IVA and NOVA information

If it’s actually in the UK I want to go down to Bristol and actually see the bloody thing that I’ve spent so much money on. Referred to on a COC as Imperial.

Private Motor Vehicle Application. Insurance Certificate or Insurance Cover Note. This mandatory requirement for all vehicles has come into force from the 1st April and needs to be done c& 14 days from the date of arrival.

The Department for Transport has put together booklet PI5, titled: I was in a similar situation to you when I imported my TR3a in but took until before it was fit to go on the road. Or you may get lucky anyway. About Us Contact Us. c&&e

Can anyone help me? Geoff Just make sure any forms etc are sent recorded delivery and signed for C&w. Also on this site Do you need an export or import licence? Also the Import value field on the form is blank. Sign in Already have an account? HMRC customs clearance team. Ministry of Transport Test. The car d&e imported in before Nova was implemented and I was told only the certificate was not enough.


Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency. Application for release from conditions of relief.

National Clearance Hub

Posted April 11 edited. Many Thanks to all for the replies. The Nova document needs info that only the actual importer of the car would know, so many years after it makes no sense as this info is impossible to get.

Built Up Vehicle Inspection Report. Place of importation Customs declaration number Customs entry number Date of declaration Value declared Commodity code used Please note: This form is no longer used, as commercial traders now register their own vehicles on the HMRC Online services.

I think the DVLA must be hit and miss with this then? The form needed depends on your reasons for importing the vehicle. Forum software update now live Read more Import Freight Cargo Shipping Terms. The Service Level Agreement on cars is 3 working days. What is the Individual Vehicle Approval Scheme?

As long as you in the end generate a Nova number all is good. Then job done I guess.

Importation of motor vehicles using the National Clearance Hub |

You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Will I be ok just taking them the manual for that and showing how you attach it and then switch it over to MPH? Document confirms vehicle now to full UK specification. Current legislation is obviously geared up to cope with greater percentage of vehicle importation into the UKi. c&ee


Oh yeah, if someone else is registering it for you then you should send them theI imagine. Dating Letter Makers letter confirming date vehicle manufactured. For more information on this, please contact us. Required if you have evidence of previous UK registration.

C&E form, what do I do with it? [Archive] – SXOC Bulletin Board

Already have an account? Forms required to import vehicles You will have to submit specific forms when importing a vehicle. Statutory Off Road Notification. Far Eastern Freight Conference.

The last step in importing is to get your car UK registered.

Guess I need to ring the people who are going to register it for me before they fit a x&e in a way other than the way I want. I can sort out the signal to the Defi that way then. Then you generate a number and print out the info, job done.