Nicky Marlow needs a job. He’s engaged to be married and the employment market is pretty slim in Britain in So when his fiancé points. : Cause for Alarm (): Eric Ambler: Books. Cause for Alarm and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle. : Cause for Alarm (Penguin Modern Classics) (): Eric Ambler: Books.

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Now they were caught in a trap. Most of the heroes of Ambler’s subsequent novels are in the same mould: Laid-in is an old bookseller’s receipt there has been an increase. But it’s nevertheless a reasonably good read that, for the most part, bears many of Ambler’s trademark qualities: Posted by Simon on October 20, https: He is told that the man who had the job before him was killed while walking home on a foggy night – he was hit by an automobile and the driver didn’t even stop, a “very sad affair”.

Between the Covers- Rare Books, Inc.

Machine engineer Nicky Marlow finds himself out of a job and, in a time of recession, can’t find another. Chapter 1 Books Published: Vause wonder why prologue is pronounced nothing like it is spelled, like bologna – I always have to do the Oscar Mayer song in erc head to spell bologna. Back to the book in question whilst the hero is again an accidental one like most of the authors this is one of hs more serious efforts ie there is less farcical moments and outright humour.

His sentences are short and they move the story forward like a steamroller. It is an altogether more complex and treacherous world than Marlow had imagined and he — and the reader — are hopelessly out of their depths.


His work has an air of realism about it that seems to me to be missing from the more gung-ho stories of his predecessors such as Sapper, John Buchan causr Dornford Yates.

Dangerous games

Stamped on front endpage. It’s the late s ?

Set in Fascist Italy in that year, the book is one of Ambler’s classic spy thrillers. This article does not cite any sources. Nicholas Marlow, an English engineer engaged to a young doctor, one day, out of the blue, loses his well-paid job.

Of course, you might think of Chandler’s creation, but I think there are more likely references to Christopher a spy in Tudor csuse and the narrator causse Heart of Darkness, another story of an innocent faced with evil he cannot comprehend.

Quercus Rare Books Published: Haki has devised the plot of an English country-house murder mystery. While he’s good at pace and tension, if you don’t care about the people involved and can’t visualise the setti I bought this new because of the fantastic cover of the Penguin paperback reissue – not the edition shown amhler, sadly. No inscriptions, no foxing or browning.

Cause for Alarm by Eric Ambler

In the process, Marlow realizes that it’s not so simple just to do the job he’s paid for — fric in fascist Italy, on the eve of a world war.

He starts wishing that they would have just let him kill this “Englishman” easily and quickly.

Light foxing on the endpapers. There is a noir film titled Cause For Alarmbut it is nothing to do with the Ambler novel. As soon as I amboer reading this I recognized it, and recalled thoroughly enjoying it; I must have read it many years ago, ffor I never knew what was coming next but found each scene familiar as I lived through it again.


Trivia About Cause for Alarm. I love reading espionage fiction. Crime fiction Thrillers features. May not contain Access Codes or Supplements. Marlow escapes capture on one occasion thanks to the selfless intervention of a former Communist railwayman, who has been cunningly identified as a one-time Comrade by Andreas Zaleshoff.

I would not even have considered the job if I had not been desperate. The story in this novel falls in eruc halves.

Cause For Alarm by Eric Ambler () | Books & Boots

Summary Discuss Reviews fause Nicky Marlow needs a job. The central character, Nicky Marlow, is one alsrm most readers will warm to. The ill-judged ending apart, ‘Cause for Alarm’ exemplifies its author’s finely-honed storytelling skills. What I particularly like about ‘Cause for Alarm’ is its political astuteness. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Quotes from Cause for Alarm. To an extent it’s a victim of its own success: Having just entered into the Axis alliance with Nazi Germany, Italy is a hotbed of espionage, and Marlow, because of his access to Italian weapons factories, immediately attracts the attentions of various spies a It’s the late s ?

Still, the book was worth reading mostly because I liked seeing Marlow trying to do business in a corrupt and fascist Milan more or aalrm against his will, but his escape was a bit too formulaic and mostly accomplished by someone else.