Title, Last Updated, Size (Kb). V trial DNNX (instructions in pdf files), 3/ 23/, 20,, Download. Copyright CATALooK Terms Of Use. posted by CATALooK – 3/1/ CATALooK Active Since 2/8/ . and per- item based shipping cost; Define manual shipping rates; Digital delivery; Rate. The manual explains everything. The tabs under the product edit have all the functionalities you need. share improve this answer. answered Sep 2 ’15 at .

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I recommend this module to every one.

The manual explains everything. This can be prevented by logging out correctly or deleting cookies. The store has so much functionality and flexibility it can be difficult to set up, however they have included an There is no module for running the price agent table. I even emailed their sales department to let them know my skill set but was assured if I ws to have problems I could email support for help.

You wont find another store with this much functionality at this price point. Thumbs Down on this product due to the manual instructions and lack of customer service. Great Store, great customer service. The all in one solution – all modules in one application with thousends of features. This Module works really good. Truly an excellent product to work with. About 50 predefined cultures and flags. About us Privacy Policy Site Map. Follow us on Twitter.


We have a second title under the category “Children’s Bibles” which we would also like to find under the category “Coloring Books” Is it possible to do such a crossover, and is there any other documentation in addition to the CataLook Manual that would describe the relationship of Standard and Advanced Categories?

The AJAX animation just spins and the page hangs after e.

Catalook Forum

You need to take the time to learn this product and you will find that it is extremely powerful. Forums Search Unanswered Active Topics. Caatalook tax rates for countries, regions, cities, ZIP match codes and products. Colors Genres Types Singles Packs. Upload the PAs and build your store using the Wizard. Store Pro Review

This module includes the latest GCheckout assembly version. Joe Demana “Great product very flexable and packed mmanual features from unit or software sales to rentable re-occuring billable items.

The host file manager is not working in this version. I use Catalook with Mznual only since it seemed the easiest to setup. Designed for the developer, it is fully customizable and skinable also offers option to purchase with source code. I just cannot emphasize how important the To have a cart with this many options, capabilities and be this customisable with little to no comprehensible documentation to support it is a crime.

Tim “Great cart–chuck full of features. Then under the attributes of the product you can add options such as extra room etc along with prices for each add-on. Please use all frameless modules instead as you can see at: The catslook in one solution – all modules in one application with thousends of features.


Not designed for the “why can’t I just push a button and have it all work” types. I am sorry to say that it is almost catalooo likely to be a waste of money.

Email Required, but never shown. It’s a very long read and quite overwhelming at times but very thorough and worth it. The tabs under the product edit have all the functionalities you need. Manua, don’t place the module catalook store on any PAGE. Your multilanguage feature is working fine.

The developer is very responsive to adding new features. The project currently contains references to more than one version of GCheckout, a direct reference to version 1. Show More I have used this product before, it is better now than it was.

dotnetnuke – Hotel Booking Integration Using Catalook – Stack Overflow

Steep learning curve but gives you a lot of functionality and freedom in dealing with your customers. Responses were timely and accurate.

Thanks for this explanation and for providing context. Still learning how to use it. Strong attributes customization and options as well as shipping calculator integration and payment processor integration. I tried this program at first I tried a bit of difficulty, but once understood the philosophy of the program I found fantastic, full of possibilities