A NGK lançou para o mercado de reposição duas linhas de velas especiais, G- Power e Iridium IX, possibilitando a utilização da tecnologia em automóveis que . NGK Glow Plug Types and Features ______ page Design Symbols used in NGK Glow Plugs ______ page .. Download NGK Catalogo de Velas. Dec 26, Car SUV LCV_____________________________page page page page page page page page page page page page page page page page.

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A2 BP6ES 4 Most spark plug failures can be traced back to an incorrect tightening nvk. VOLVO 2. Which spark plug must be used in a conversion from gasoline to alcohol?

Spark plugs with excess of residue may velax an abnormal condition of engine operation or use of poor quality fuel. Auto-sugestiona o comprador e melhora a venda. Developed in s to meet a need of automakers to comply with the laws of pollutant emissions which are increasingly strict over the years.

Its main function is to conduct the electric current generated on the transformer to the combustion chamber, and turn it into high-voltage electric spark, which will start the combustion, i. When a supercharging system turbo or mechanical compressors is installed the original conditions of engine operation is changed, so the original spark plug will not meet the new operating conditions.

To cataloo the most demanding standards of environmental pollutants emission restriction, the NTK, technical ceramics division of NGK, has made available on the automotive market the oxygen sensors or lambdas sensors. D This application list is only valid for type identification.

SAAB 2 2.

The knock sensors have the function to provide better performance and economy of the engines. Y RS M 10 x 1. With the entry of onboard electronics in vehicles, NGK has developed in the late s, resistive spark plugs that have a ceramic resistor which aims to reduce the electromagnetic interferences caused by ignition system. Gelas is flash over?

Catalogp factors that favor the occurrence of flash over: If there is a short-circuit, the indicator will glow quickly and will burn. During the development nk the vehicle several durability tests are carried out, on the basis of these tests is determined the mileage of exchange.

The spot in the insulator is caused by the corona effect, when high voltage goes through the spark plug occurs the generation of an electromagnetic field wrapped to the wires of the spark plugs and to spark plug itself. I Denne anvendelsesliste kan kun bruges til typeidentifikation.


Questa edizione annulla quelle precedenti. We should install the spark plug by hand to ensure the perfect alignment between the threads of the spark plug and catallgo engine head. Although its simple appearance, the velzs plug is a highly complex part, consisting of a series of internal components that requires for its conception the application of highly sophisticated technology, therefore its perfect performance is directly connect to the engine performance, the levels of fuel consumption, the greater or the lesser load of pollutants in the gases expelled for the escape.

De garantieperiode van de fabrikant voor materiaalfouten of onbevredigde prestaties is 24 maanden vanaf de aankoopdatum, vooropgesteld dat de door de autofabrikant voorgeschreven vervangingsintervallen worden opgevolgd.

The ng, function of the spark plug is to conduct the electric current generated on the transformer to the combustion chamber, and turn it into high-voltage electrical spark, which will cataloogo the combustion, i.

Glow plugs have the function to heat the combustion chamber, thus facilitating the starting of the Diesel cycle engines in colder days. Als het aandraaimoment te laag is, bestaat gevaar voor compressieverlies en oververhitting. R and Tube material Modification.

Ngk Catalogo Motos 14 15

Even for professionals the estimation of the tightening torque is nearly impossible. Voor de gevolgen van druk- en zetfouten wordt geen aansprakelijkheid aanvaard. P Questo catalogo deve essere utilizzato come indicazione generica.

The function of the grooves in the spark plug insulator is to increase distance between the spark plug terminal pin and the metal bonnet, without increasing the overall length of the spark plug, thus making it difficult the occurrence of flash over between the spark plug and ignition cable.


Its robust construction guarantees excellent combustion gas tightness. If it is set too low, there is a risk of compression losses and overheating. However, the total resistance value is lower which allows higher current to flow and therefore the warm up time is very quick. F9 YE05 73 Por lo que el ajuste manual ya no es necesario. Wettige aanspraak volgens FAA richtlijnen voor vliegtuigmotoren is in deze uitgave niet opgenomen. Y AS M 10 x 1. The NGK spark plug encoding is very important, as well as to demonstrate the main characteristics of the spark plug, it identifies the NGK spark plug worldwide.


Many mechanics try to solve the problem of Back Fire by reducing the clearance between spark plug electrodes. In these circumstances we should not change the spark plug heat rating, and we can keep the same spark plug that was used when the engine was powered by gasoline. The determination of the heat rating is performed through measuring instruments that are installed in an engine, which in turn is coupled to an engine dynamometer.

The flash over is the passage of electric current between the spark plug terminal pin and the metal bonnet passing through the spark plug insulator and the ignition cable. De zones voor de warmteafleiding worden vernield, er bestaat gevaar voor oververhitting, samensmelten van de elektroden en zelfs motorschade. Which is the Green type spark plug and how identify it? To the correct use of the NGK recommendations catalog we should have some basic vehicle information such as:.

Another great advantage of this spark plug is the use of fuels such as CNG, where due to the use of mixtures too lean require higher voltages to generate the sparking. ROVER 75 75 1. Thus, it is necessary the application of a spark plug with better ignition and heat rating suitable to the engine.

Once the glow plug tip temperature has reached C, its temperature is maintained by the controller relay switching the current on and off. Una ayuda para las bobinas de encendido Diversos estudios llevados a cabo por NGK han demostrado que el voltaje requerido en motores de gas incrementa en unos 7.

Maior rotatividade dos estoques: The casing can also expand or warp. This measurement is performed to identify the most critical condition of the engine, and so in this condition is performed the pre-ignition testing which will determine the heat rating appropriate for the respective engine.

Once identified the occurrence of flash over, we should replace the set of spark plugs and ignition cables simultaneously, if only one of the parts is replaced, the new part will be damaged by the old part and the defect will return soon.