Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia is the third Nintendo DS game in the Castlevania series. Players take on the role of Shanoa, a member of the Order of Ecclesia. Beating the game for the first time will unlock new modes. A bat will appear next to your save file which you can select to start a new game. Everything carries. Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia walkthrough part 2. mode, and I’d also like to see a decent guide for the Large Cavern and Training Hall.

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This is invaluable in taking out the random sickles that appear in the battlefield while facing the boss. You can easily dodge this by immediately moving away from your current position and getting as far away as possible.

Continue up then go to the left section. Jump to the middle platform and attack the wall to the left to reveal a hidden room with the Empress Ring on it. Return to the previous room. Wait for the vertical spike to go up, then proceed to the left; you can wait in the middle of the two spikes without getting hit, castlevaniia proceed to the left with caution. Defeat Jiang Shi in Large Cavern. This hallway will spawn infinite number of zombies so you can take some time here training your character and saving the game ordwr.

WALKTHROUGH – Guide for Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia

Take the path to the left to reach the next room. Equip Death Ring and Judgement Ring, as well as other equipments that boost your attack power.


Eletricity hit can be dodged with a double jump. Enter the opening on the bottom floor and destroy the statue on the bottom-right corner to get the Scutum glyph. His first move probably will be shooting the little fireballs, and which be destroy by your Glyph Union, so ignore it and keep slashing with as much as castlevanis. Additionally, by using Arma Machina to destroy all those spikes in the dark room will unlock the Fortune Ring.

To the bottom left, get pass the treasure, and castlevaina a place can find a Specter.

Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia FAQ/Walkthrough for DS by sephirosuy – GameFAQs

Continue to the lower right this time. Drop down to the lower floors and save your game to the right. Besides, you can find another treasure and G in the end of this area. You will get the Death Ring from the treasure chest. Most Ecclesai Guides on CheatCodes. To avoid it, wait for it to stop edclesia you then quickly move out of the way.

Keep attacking the crystals on its knees. And finally, it spits a webbing that can destroyed by using Secare’s union glyph.

BradyGames Order of Ecclesia Official Strategy Guide

Use Magnes to carefully boost Shanoa to the three orbs. A save room is located in the top left room. You can’t get past the other half of this map yet so head to the exit to the top left. This time go abit up and head to the left room.

Defeat the two panthers then jump up using the wooden footholds. Position Shanoa in the small platform on the left side and and throw some axes while crouching. In the last room, kill the White Dragon and loot the chest. In the next room, defeat the summoned skeletons.


You will get the Death Ring from the treasure chest. Find them in Wygol Village and they will give you some side quests ecckesia I never mentioned in the walkthrough. Just do your best to avoid them, as their pattern of movement are basically the same.

This guide based on Casylevania Grab the Serpent Scale from the golden chest and exit the area. Pass through the wall and break the statue to gain Melio Confodere.

Albus mode is similar to a normal play through except playing as Albus. The room you could see the rock keep falling from the top. Albus will also charge his shot in the form of a summoned glyph; to counter this, you’ll need to absorb the glyph as he is casting it.

The chest in the middle of the next room is actually a mimic so try to avoid it if you want. Above the save room, the other exit of the map is located at right side. The boss is weak against fire and light, the Nitesco glyph can be pretty useful here.

Equip your lightning glyph Fulgur and strike both boxes to open the gate in the middle.

Noctua Fidelis 4 80 Summon Polkir Polkir in Caxtlevania Dracula’s Castle. There is a teleporter room to the right. Resupply as needed then exit back to the world map.

Great resource but there are no hints for the Large Cavern or Training Hall.