Intermediate: DRY FILM BUILD. Carboguard SBV 77%. WET FILM BUILD. 0% thinner. 5% thinner. 12% thinner. Description. Versatile corrosion resistant coating with zinc phosphate corrosion inhibitor. Contains additional filler reinforcement (micaceous iron oxide) for. Carboguard is a high solids, high build epoxy primer with excellent corrosion resistance. Can be applied by spray, brush or roller to yield a cured film.

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Excessive humidity or condensation on the surface during curing can interfere with the cure, can cause discoloration and may result in a surface haze. Allow for loss in mixing and application.

Carbothane LH Part A. Please send me more information on Carboiline Carboguard Click here for more information on Carboiline Carboguard Sikaflex 1A all colors.

Kendall Super D XA.


Carbogurd Weight Approximate 2 Gallon Kit – 26 lbs. Can be applied by spray, brush or roller to yield a cured film which is tough and abrasion resistant.

Austin’s Windshield Washer Fluid. Il mio amico Paint. Scotchkote PC Part B. Ratio SG MiO: If the maximum recoat times have been exceeded, the surface must be abraded by sweep blasting or sanding prior to the application of additional coats. Alex Plus – Colors.

Carboline | Product Details

No guarantee of accuracy is given or implied. Alex Plus carbohuard Clear. Scotchkote PC Part A. Carboguard Part B. Il mio – El Atril.

Seal Cure curing and sealing compound. PDS Education Guide Steel For most applications: SurePoxy Part A. Aspiration may cause lung ccarboguard. May cause dizziness and SurePoxy Part B. Carbomastic 90 Part A. Sikaflex 2c SL Part A limestone.

Contains additional filler reinforcement micaceous iron oxide for enhanced barrier resistant properties. Fibered roof and foundation coating. Rustbond FC Part A.


Multiple coats may be required to obtain desired appearance, recommended dry film thickness and adequate hiding. Thoro bond – MasterProtect P Page 2 of 2. Snap-Cap Expansion joint cap. Sikadur Combiflex kit part A. Scotchkote part A. Resistance Application Equipment Guidelines Listed below are general equipment guidelines for the application of cadboguard product.

Carboguard 893

Any haze or blush must be removed by water washing before recoating. Good flexibility and lower stress upon curing than most epoxy coatings. Remember me Forgot password?

Can be spray applied up to microns dry film thickness in one coat. Ventilation When used in 83 areas, thorough air circulation must be used during and after application until the coating is cured.