CAN CSA-B149.1-05 PDF

1 to CAN/CSA-B, Natural gas andpropane installation code January Note:General Instructions for CSA Standar ds are now called. 1 Preface This is the thirteenth edition of CAN/CSA-B, Natural gas and propane installation code. It supersedes the previous editions, published. CSABUpdate-Update No. 1 to CAN/CSA-B, Natural Gas and Propane Installation Code-.

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Metal chimney — a single-wall chimney of metal constructed on site. FS – Wolf Steel Ltd. The chimney shall first be lined with either a Type B vent, sized in accordance with Tables C. Care or detention occupancy building — any building or part thereof used or occupied by persons who require special care or treatment because of cognitive or physical limitations, or by persons who are incapable of self-preservation and who are restrained cea-b149.1-05 self-destruction by security measures not under their control.

Factory-built chimney — a chimney that consists entirely of factory-made parts, each designed to be assembled with the other without requiring fabrication on site.

FS – Quietside Corp. Exterior chimneys or vents not enclosed by the structure or a chase below the roof line can experience continuous condensation, depending on locality.

B Quick Code Reference

Careful attention shall be paid not cna to the mechanical execution of the work but also to the cwa-b149.1-05 of the installation. Except for direct vent water heaters, when the water heater is contained in an enclosure, permanent openings shall be provided as described in Caan 8. This clearance shall be maintained if it passes through either a combustible wall or partition, in accordance with Table 8.

Building — a structure or part thereof used or intended for supporting or sheltering persons, animals, or property and classified by its occupancy in accordance with the applicable building code of authority having jurisdiction or, in fan absence of such, in accordance with the National Building Code of Canada.


Commercial- and industrial-type appliance or equipment — an appliance or equipment other than a residential or recreational type. Chimney has capacity and complies with 8. Strategies of adaptation to an extreme environment: The DP column shall be used to determine the capacity of a venting system within a building constructed in accordance with Clause 8.

Vent connector — that part of the venting system that conducts the flue gases from the flue collar of an appliance to a chimney or vent, and that may include a draft control device. Direct-vent appliance — an appliance constructed so that all the combustion air is supplied directly from, and the products of combustion are vented directly to, the outdoors by independent enclosed passageways connected directly to the appliance.

Provide owner with Attachment 1 – FS It is designed to a ensure the ready escape css-b149.1-05 flue gases from the combustion chamber in the event of either no draft or stoppage downstream from the draft hood; b prevent a backdraft from entering the csa-1b49.1-05 chamber of the appliance; and c neutralize the effect of stack action of either a chimney or a vent upon the operation of the appliance.

Draft hood — a draft-control device having neither movable nor adjustable parts. Corrugated metal vent systems installed with bends or offsets require additional reduction of the vent capacity see Clause C. Residential building — any building or part thereof used by persons for whom sleeping accommodation is provided but who are not harboured or detained to receive medical care or treatment or are not involuntarily detained.

An enclosure containing the water heater shall not be accessed by a pedestrian door which can be opened from the bathroom or bedroom. Bedroom — a room furnished with a bed and used primarily for sleeping. All measurements shall be taken between the outermost projection of the appliance and surrounding structure or property line after the appliance has been installed.


The Horizontal length of the common vent connector manifold L in Figure C.

CAN/CSA-B | Standards Council of Canada – Conseil canadien des normes

Enclosure — a secondary structure room within or attached to a structure building in which an appliance is installed. FS – Maintenance vs. Adequate combustion air shall czn provided for the water heater.

Bed-sitting room — A one-room apartment serving as both a bedroom and a sitting room. Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. Dwelling unit — a housekeeping csa-b1491.-05 used or intended to be used as a domicile by one or more persons, and usually containing cooking, eating, living, sleeping, and sanitary facilities.

Flue gas dilution air — the ambient air that is admitted to a venting system at the draft hood, draft diverter, or draft regulator. Residential cea-b149.1-05 — an appliance commonly used in, but not restricted to use in, a dwelling unit. Imperfect in form or function.

CAN/CSA B149.1-05

Category IV appliances unless installed in designated R homes or in an enclosure. FS — Tirino Corp.

Annex C — Miscellaneous C. A Type B vent or a certified chimney lining system passing through an unused masonry chimney flue shall not be considered to be exposed to the outdoors. FS – Interpreting Clause 8.

A chimney with one or more sides exposed to the outside of the structure shall be considered to be an exterior chimney. Dan double-acting draft regulator is one whose balancing damper is free to move in either direction. Flue collar — that portion of an appliance designed for the attachment of a draft hood, vent connector, or csn system.