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Do not pay too much attention to this now, I will make accurate measurements later, when I have the AT set up for C3g, and then I will see what is the selection is exactly about. Now suppose you don’t want to use repeaters, this is not going to work. Pa max is 3,5W. So, the 13mA tube is considered to be “good” above 8mA. Best photo of a C3g: Whereas the German post, who designed those tubes, never said so, and also never said this is the right way to test them.

A Zirconium getter is expensive and it yube like this: C3g-S is a hidden treasure. Had the opportunity today to tuhe some great Siemens pentodes in tybe pentode and triode modes: The Tkbe and Siemens have the “S” stamped on the boxes, but not on he tubes.


So the solution is a bit more complicated than you might think. Dort berichtete Herr Alexander K. Sunday morning and my brain already started with a lot of activity early today. Kunzesiehe Sockel St Leider sind manchmal gleiche Typenbezeichnungen, bei sehr unterschiedlichen Daten, wie dieses Beispiel zeigt, anzutreffen. So the only solution is, to re-amplify the signal before it gets too noisy.

So you started to speak very loud into the phone, but that didn’t help much, and I remember people in the offices would try to look important, by shouting into the phone with long distance calls.

For this, you need to understand cc3g difference between auto bias testing, and fixed bias testing.

A partial solution you get from adding an auto transformer Pupin coils at certain distances, but there comes a moment where you need active amplification. SN tubbe Speculating further, perhaps in the s and ‘s, each of these three companies did in fact manufacture the C3g. D3g far, I was not able to find the factory specifications for this, but one day, I hope “coincidence” is going to help us out here.

C3g was made after C3m, and C3g has a frame grid and gold pins. Apr 1, at 3: If these are marked “S-Version” it can not be true. After the war, a pentode with different spec’s was produced also named C3g.


C3g Tube for sale | eBay

You can not see this wire with the bare eye. All Auction Buy It Now. It allowed plate distance adjustments after the tube was assembled. However, here is another one that ttube like the Lorentz? Sollte sich eine Beschaltung nach Ratheisers!


This open construction is the best for finest linearity. These were low noise audio tubes, made by Valvo, Siemens and Telefunken, exclusively for the German post.

These need no flashing. Some boxes have Date code C3g-S Valvo Order Nr: Like the low resolution picture below. As they all are. Also do the next experiment if you have the equipment: Looking at the datasheet, we could get out 4. Most have a banderols on it, with a series number, but not all of them have this. Hi Ale, A few observations. I would guess that these C3ms with embossed logos on top might be older versions