The tremolo has become one of b.y.o.c.’s most popular kits through word of mouth. And with good difficulty of the build is low. Welcome to /r/DIYPedals! This is an open community for the do-it-yourself pedal builders of reddit! Please use this subreddit to share. Shop new and used tremolo and vibrato pedals on Reverb. One of the oldest and most beloved effects ever conceived, tremolo and vibrato pedals have stood.

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Also, I doubt it was a cold solder joint because I rigged it up to be able to easily swap and try all my NPN transistors by soldering jumpers to the transistor positions with alligator clips on temolo other end to attach transistors.

IvIark 25 May at Aurelien Lebot 6 December at Thanks Mark for boc site – Amazing! It’s a very good idea actually because in most circuits the LFO continues cycling in the background when the effect is bypassed, and then you can get ticking noise bleeding through the supply or ground connection. I’m not having any tremolo effect coming out and the LED lights very very dimly, with no pulse.

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Check the suggestions in the Fault Finding page from the menu above and if you don’t have any luck then post the voltages here to see what clues it gives us. Results 20 to tremllo of Works perfectly for those who have problemslet me tell you that I recently discovered while building this, that I had a full batch of 2n that was faulty: Have you got a link to the pic?


Here’s some pictures and voltages. Q3 C 0 B 0 E oscillating Have you given that one a go? The only problem that I can find with it is that it doesn’t get really slow.

My issues are gone now. Here is a video!

byoc tremolo?

Thanks in advance for your support. It’s in the wider case than yours, but somehow it spoke to me and said “I wanna be shiny” so I used polished aluminium knobs, a blue LED in a chrome holder I trsmolo wire the LED to flash, not my cup of tea and then polished the housing. Any ideas as to why in by-pass mode does the LED glow dimly?

Thanks for the help! If you can’t find the issue, post some bylc res photos in the forum in the Debugging section for help.

Blogs Contributing Member Advanced Byod. The emitter of Q4 makes no connection in the bypassed state, and so when you turn the effect on it also grounds the emitter which turns the LFO on and as a result also starts the indication LED pulsing in sync with the set speed.

If I go to a setting outside this range the effect stops working, I still get sound and still have full functionality from the level knob, just no trem in audio or LED. I have some low level noise when effect is on, kind of police siren sound. With power, and pedal disengaged, the clean signal comes through, but the led is lighting up very dimly. I just don’t like the whole 35 knobs deal.

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BYOC Tremolo

Which tremolo pedal finishing design do you prefer? Paul Rowe 9 March at Page 2 of 2 First 1 2 Jump to page: This can give you that mystifying “works fine until I touch or move something” effect. By the way i couldn’t find any 2n in my local stores so i used a J instead! Yremolo Rowe 10 March at The reason for this is that during bypass the input to the effect is grounded and the emitter of the LFO transistor is disconnected from ground, and so stops the LFO continuing to cycle during bypass.

The tremolo has become one of b. I didn’t have a Ge power diode handy, but I didn’t want the increased voltage drop of Si, so I put it in parallel with the uF cap and skipped hremolo cut that the regular layout has for the series diode.

The thing that confuses me straight away is that you’re showing 6.

Guitar FX Layouts: BYOC Tremolo

Hi Travis, I think the problem may be come from the ground? If you get it and build it, I have a bunch of mods for it to make it even better. I mean, the effect is fine,but, top end is a bit dull and it has a lot o grit I had pancakes for breakfast today. Let us know how you get on with that change. Beaker 6 November at