The AC voltage rating of Bussmann fuses is given in volts rms. Fuses tested to IEC are . semiconductor devices that utilize diodes, GTOs, SCRs and. SSRs. This catalog is intended to present product data and provide technical information that will help the end World’s leading supplier of fuses and fusible protection. Cooper Bussmann┬« circuit protection solutions comply with major industrial standards of high speed semiconductor fuses and the convenience of Class J .

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They cannot be absolutely fail-safe. Black, UL rated 94V-0 thermoplastic. The excellent current limiting characteristics of fast-acting HRCI-J fuses limits damage to equipment and installations by the thermal and magnetic energy associated with a large short-circuit fault current.

The rated current of this fuse range has been given with copper conductors that have a current density semiconducto 1.

Rear Terminal solder only. A threshold ratio is the relationship of the threshold current to the fuse s continuous current rating. When a resistive load is energized, the current rises instantly to its steady-state value, without first rising to a higher value.

NH HRC Fuses

Provides both short-circuit and overload cayalogue. Designed and tested to: CPDB- pole Series: Cylindrical with leads, designed to provide protection against currents resulting from the application of foreign voltages. When the fuse operates, the upward motion of the spring forces the top of the arcing rod to penetrate the upper seal, striking the latch mechanism. Most modern fuses are current-limiting.


An ampere is the amount of semiconduuctor that will flow through a resistance of one ohm under a pressure of one volt. Edac Power Electronics Suzhou Co. Kicked terminals all models and stabilizer pins on HBV model for increased stability.

It s that simple. In the above illustration, a grooved ring in one ferrule provides the rejection feature of the Class R fuse in contrast to the lower interrupting rating, non-rejection type. After a few cycles or seconds the current settles down to the full-load running current. Melamine Tube Ampere Ratings: Snap into alarm bus.

Available on 30A and 60A blocks by adding the letter R to the end of the part number. Current Limiting Protector For Systems rated 2.

Full Line catalog – COOPER Bussmann – PDF Catalogs | Technical Documentation | Brochure

Buss Yellow light on indicating SAMI shows when the fuse is open helps trouble shoot the system and reduces downtime. JN2, 2 circuits Wire Size: Electrical resistance of the link is so low that it simply acts as a conductor.


Selection of fastest selling sizes and amps. When a fuse is subjected to a current above its ampere rating, it will open the circuit after a predetermined period of time.

Built-in retaining clips secure fuses. CH10CL are packaged in quantities of ten sheets of labels. Simplifies and improves blackout prevention selective coordination when sized properly. Timothy Gallagher 1 years ago Views: C – Communication Feature Additional Features Option for remote open fuse status indication feature available less downtime!

Low Voltage Fuse Catalogue | HRC Fuse Online Catalogue

Minimal busmann let-thru I 2 t Excellent DC performance Good surge withstand profile Accessories Trip-indicator fuses are available for use in parallel with the main fuse. The true dual-element fuse has distinct and separate overload element and short-circuit element. Fuses – df G Single pole blocks may be ordered without the antirotational pin simply by adding an X to the number of poles Example: Optional new electronic alarm provides both local and remote open-fuse indications.