Title, The Essence of Music and Other Papers. Author, Ferruccio Busoni. Edition, reprint. Publisher, Dover, ISBN, , Front Cover. Ferruccio Busoni. Dover Publications, – Music – pages J7THE ESSENCE AND ONENESS OF MUSIC. 1. IIJ THE FUTURE OF MUSIC. The Essence of Music and Other Papers by Ferruccio Benvenuto Busoni; Rosamond Ley and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available.

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Gerda joined him in Moscow where they promptly married. In Busoni wrote the one-act opera Arlecchino as a companion piece for his revision of Turandot as an opera. The Essence of Music: He also met Johannes Brahmsto whom he dedicated two sets of piano Etudesand who recommended him to undertake study in Leipzig with Carl Reinecke.

The Works, the Writings, and the Recordings.

Ferruccio Busoni

This recording was never released. His first essencd in Vienna were glowingly received by the critic Eduard Hanslick. Ferruccio Busoni and the Ontology of the Essencd Work: Another collection of Busoni’s essays was published in as Von der Einheit der Musiklater republished as Wesen und Einheit der Musjcand in translated as The Essence of Music.

In an autobiographical note he comments “My father knew little about the pianoforte and was erratic in rhythm, so he made up for these shortcomings with an indescribable combination of energy, severity and pedantry.

Antony Beaumont comments that Busoni budoni virtually no chamber music after and no songs between andcommenting that this was “part of the process of freeing himself from his Leipzig background Indeed, for many years, Busoni’s name his been unfortunately associated more with his transcriptions, especially those of Johann Sebastian Bach’s organ works, than with his original compositions.

He began composing in his early years in a late romantic style, but afterwhen he published his Sketch of a New Esthetic of Musiche developed a more individual style, often with elements of atonality.


Busoni gave them an audience and was pleased with their performance.

What the composer’s inspiration necessarily loses through notation, his interpreter should restore by his own. A plaque at the site commemorates his residence.

At age 46, Busoni had already completed a number of operas, however, none of them had been performed. Busoni’s impact on music was perhaps more through those who studied piano and composition with him, and through his writings on music, than through his compositions themselves, of whose style there are no direct successors.

Views Read Edit View history. Nor are the composer’s numbers all in temporal order.

A Life in Music. Many of his colleagues and students expressed disappointment with the recordings and felt they did not truly represent Busoni’s pianism. It multiplies and spreads it. Busoni and the Piano: University of Rochester Press. In the musicologist Hugo Riemann recommended Busoni to Martin Wegeliusdirector of the Institute of Music at Helsingfors now HelsinkiFinland, then part of the Russian Empirefor the vacant position of advanced piano instructor.

Retrieved from ” https: His earlier feelings about the city had been unsympathetic: As a recitalist Busoni’s programming and style initially raised concerns in some of Europe’s musical centres. Retrieved from ” https: The work has to be considered as a whole, and Busoni always desired it to be played straight through without interruption. Frequent performances and constant travel undoubtedly took precious time from his composing schedule, which might help to explain the negative comments that he made about the United States, its people, and the state of music-making in this country.

Catalog Record: The essence of music, and other papers | Hathi Trust Digital Library

Wikipedia has an article about: He cites Busoni himself: The Second Violin Sonata originates in the summer ofbut it was significantly gusoni for publication in Bach BV ; and in the following year came his extended fantasy based on Bach, the Fantasia Contrappuntistica. Musical Thoughts and After-Thoughts. Retrieved 9 February Following a series of concerts in Northern Italy in springBusoni was offered the directorship of the Liceo Rossini in Bologna.


This was Busoni’s first permanent post. Busoni’s first son, Benvenuto known as Benniwas born in Boston inbut Busoni’s experience at New England Conservatory proved unsatisfactory. This means that he dated his work as an independent composer from the piano pieces An die Jugend In Busoni settled in Berlin, which he henceforth regarded as his home base, except during the years around World War I.

This concept was more amenable to Busoni than teaching formally in a Musid His other compositions include chamber musicvocal and orchestral works, and also operas, one of which, Doktor Faustwas left unfinished at the time of his death. His first effort was on piano rolls with the Freiburg firm of Welte.

The Essence of Music and Other Papers – Ferruccio Busoni – Google Books

Busoni made a considerable number of piano rollsand a small number of these have been re-recorded onto vinyl record or CD. Fellow-pianist Alfred Brendel opined of Busoni’s playing that it “signifies the victory of reflection over bravura ” after the more flamboyant era of Liszt.

His international career and reputation meant that he met and had close relations with many of the leading musicians, artists and literary figures of his time, and he was sought-after both as a keyboard instructor and a teacher of composition. His idea of a ‘Young Classicism’ [iv] “aimed to incorporate experimental features in “firm, rounded forms” The posting proved not to be a success. Ferruccio Busoni discography as pianist.

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After the Golden Age. His writings on music were influential; they covered not only aesthetics but considerations of microtones and other innovative topics.