Mai Error Analysis Regarding Diagnosis Coding According to ICD 9 Subject to the “ Bundespflegesatzverordnung”E. Nitzschke, M. Wiegand. as a result of national convergence. Current .. ) and the Bundespflegesatzverordnung (Statutory Instrument Con-. 5. Okt. innerhalb der Bundespflegesatzverordnung. .. 2 Ab mit der Durchschnittsbevölkerung auf Grundlage des Zensus berechnet, bis.

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Living in own home.

Mean duration of inpatient stay before and after implementation dashed line of the Regional Psychiatry Budget RPB in the administrative District of Dithmarschen. Under the capitation principle of the RPB, providers were better able to provide flexible and continuous care for psychiatric patients in need of inpatient treatment than was possible under the standard reimbursement model, based on single inpatient cases. This has affected the study region [ 20 ], which could help psychiatric patients to return to the employment market, as psychiatric patients are well-known to be the first group to be socially disadvantaged when the labour market is under pressure [ 21 ].

First, it cannot be estimated whether there are any events or long-term influences that affected the psychiatric population of the district to different extents during the periods before and after the implementation of the RPB.

The stable capitation of the RPB allows for individual approaches to integrated care because the hospital need not rely on traditional reimbursement based on bed occupancy [ 12 ]. Only the most robust parameters were analysed in this study. Worz M, Busse R.

Under a major health system reform in Germany inthe legislative authorities allowed several innovative models of care [ 5 ]. Employment and Social Developments in Europe ; p. Detailed psychopathological documentation from the psychiatric department was not bundespflegesatzerordnung for analysis, as parameters and their categories changed over time, bundespflegesatzverirdnung did the validity of documentation.


Also, it cannot be excluded that cases are shifted into outpatient care delivered by the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians, that does not belong to the RPB, but is unlikely to accept additional cases due to own limited budget.

Thieme E-Journals – Zeitschrift für Orthopädie und ihre Grenzgebiete / Abstract

Statistical analysis was performed using SPSS Changes in mental health care by a regional budget—results of a pilot project in schleswig-holstein Germany Gesundheitswesen. Mental health in Europe: Data management was in line with the data protection requirements in the federal state of Schleswig-Holstein.

The provider does bumdespflegesatzverordnung need to itemise services and will not be supervised by the medical review board of the statutory health insurance companies [ 67 ]. The study question was set up only during a secondary data analysis.

Care requirements for severe mental disorders. Sociodemographic and treatment-related categorical variables were averaged over the years without and with the RPB; then chi 2 -Tests were performed with the null hypothesis that the distribution of the categories of variables was the same in both periods.

Analysing the impact of health-care system change in the EU member states—Germany. Competing Interests The authors have no competing interests to declare.

Indicators were eligible, if they were documented in both study periods before and after implementation of RPB and in addition were most robust against fluctuations of documentation quality and fluctuations of staff over the long observation period. According to this principle, a lump sum is allocated to a major inpatient care provider in a large region on a yearly basis.

German Federal Employment Agency; Sociodemographic and clinical indicators of quality of psychiatric care of cases at discharge from hospital or day care 2011 and after implementation of the Regional Psychiatry Budget RPB in the administrative District of Dithmarschen. Int J Integr Care. The present study aims to evaluate selected aspects that represent a change in the psychiatric bundespflegesatzvverordnung status of patients in the Dithmarschen region who were included in the RPB.


Second, psychiatric treatment might have changed or generally improved within the health system, and the results of the study might be influenced by factors outside the RPB. All data management procedures were done automatically and documented in an operation compendium.

Fehleranalyse bei der Diagnoseverschlüsselung nach ICD 9 gemäß der Bundespflegesatzverordnung

This might partly explain the increasing number of documented cases in full time jobs during the second period. In the latter case, please turn on Javascript support in your web browser and reload this page. Pre-post comparison study design for evaluation of selected indicators of health status and quality of psychiatric care.

Published online 31 December First, bundespflegseatzverordnung integrated treatment model was applied to all patients seeking inpatient treatment in the district. Chance and opportunity to design psychiatric routine care individually and in the community. Under the capitation principle of a Regional Psychiatry Budget, the mean duration of inpatient bundespflegesatzverordnunv of psychiatric cases could be significantly reduced and shifted to day care and outpatient settings.

Limitations As a control group is missing, there are several limitations associated with the study design and data sources. It has been argued that reimbursement for psychiatric care using the capitation principle incentivises hospitals to refuse those patients who need highly complex or expensive care [ 10 ] and to save resources by sacrificing the quality of care.