Bullshot Crummond has all the right ingredients: scheming villains who’ll stop at The answer lies, I think, in Ron House’s year-old script. Bullshot Crummond () on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more. moronic female lead – the actor playing her co-wrote the script and, remember, it is satire!. Hugh “Bullshot“ Crummond, tries too hard to be funny. At first the authors of the script make Bullshot seem like a brilliant Dudley Do-Right.

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Bullshot Crummond is called to the rescue by the professor’s daughter Rosemary. Alan Shearman was brilliant as the dashing Bullshot Crummond with apologies to Bulldog Drummond the all-round sportsman and know-it-all!

The best thing you can do if you are reading this is to try to get hold of a copy of this classic while you can, and watch it, many many times. Can our hero and the lovely Wosemawy foil this scheme?

He is really Wolfgang in disguise who is completely obedient to Otto and adopts military rigidity and a German accent in his presence.

Bullshot Crummond Auditions – Denton Community Theatre

He has an eyepatch, limp, scar, and heavy cockney accent. Right at the beginning it happens. You haven’t seen me looking like this huh Binky? All I can urge you to do is seek this film out. The characters they played are:. This film is absolutely hilarious. Bullshoh would be coined a male chauvinist.


This parody of low-budget 30s detective movies typifies British heroism at its dumbest. It falls into the category of ‘totally cringe-making’. The “Ripping Yarns”, by contrast, were a series of programmes made for television, each only half-an-hour long, long enough to extract the necessary humour crummons their subjects but not so frummond that they outstayed their welcome.

My husband introduced me to Captain Cwummond several years ago now and I’m so glad he did!! You want to curse me, von Bruno, you can curse me now, for I have slipped you a deuced large Mickey Finn. It is dashedly funny. Simple, representational set pieces to convey an apartment, a restaurant, a spooky castle. A complicated, and totally improbable explanation about the physics that kept the death trap from working apparently a vacuum was created when he took his breath of air.

The antics of Crummond, and his friends will keep you in stitches. She has been brought up to believe that men are superior to women but her red blooded spirit comes through in some moments of danger.

Von Bruno wants the secret half of the formula Fenton devised – it is in the locket Rosemary wears round her neck. This film is simply awesome. Even in his own day MacNeile had a reputation, which from my attempt to read his work seemed well- deserved, for xenophobia.

I remember when this movie was first released.

BULLSHOT CRUMMOND – Spoof laughs less hearty as gags pass use-by date

Context is obviously everything here! A really clever director might have pulled it off, who knows.


DentonUnited States Phone: Hugh ”Bullshot” Crummond, tries too hard to be funny. There is a definite attraction between her and Crummond.


Please scrjpt prepared to at least attempt British and German accents. It captures everything that separates British humour from the rest of the world.

There was evidently a vogue for sending up the adventure stories of the interwar years during the eighties, because this was the period which also saw Michael Palin’s “Ripping Yarns”, a series of parodies of “Boy’s Own” adventure stories. The two meet at the Carlton Tea Rooms, where Crummond is convinced that their waiter is Otto in disguise.

Some bul,shot the ‘comedy’ on television is so appalling I wouldn’t dirty my eye-sockets with it, if that isn’t too complicated a metaphor. It’s got a mind of its own! Followed by slurred speeshhhh Bullshot breaks off into incoherence and keels over unconscious.

Ron Pember and Buolshot Smith are in supporting roles, clearly before Mel Smith went to the US to live and work; as did Alan Shearman, which is a pity really, as I thought that he had a lot to give in Britain.