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EN is a European standard series for intruder alarms and hold-up systems . It is not the easiest task to understand and implement all the documentation. EN was phased in to replace British Standards BS, BS and BS and was adopted in October utilising PD , an enabling. Like all other professional alarm companies, since 1st October , we are installing to BS EN, PD & BS The old British Standards BS

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This enables manufacturers, installers, purchasers and procurers to ensure that an alarm system is fit for purpose and meets the risk assessment criteria.

From the lowest Grade 1 up to Bss 4. The overall grade of an alarm system cannot be higher than the grade of the lowest graded component within the system.

A Grade 3 system expects intruders to be conversant with intruder alarm systems and have access to a comprehensive range of tools. Search all products by.

This site uses cookies. Intrusion and hold-up systems Power supplies BS EN Alarm Transmission As some of the standards are still in the development stage SSAIB will inform companies in the eb50131 future clarifying which en500131 are required closer to the date of implementation.

It is the norm to describe the Security Grades en0131 this:. A typical view though could be: More information about our privacy policy. However, Grade 4 systems are non-existent for practical purposes. It is most likely that insurers will specify systems at Grades 3 and 4.

Initially,it unifies the understanding of what an electronic alarm system is. EN Grade enn50131 is b maximum grading that any wireless intruder alarm can achieve. Depending on the grade of system the number of maintenance visits will be: This document forms part of PD Meet our distributors Become our partner. The property is likely to have something of interest to an experienced thief. For a Grade 1 system intruders are expected to have little knowledge of intruder alarm systems and be limited to a range of easily available tools.


You may experience issues viewing this site in Internet Explorer 9, 10 or At this level intruders are expected to have the ability and resources to plan an intrusion in detail and have a full range of specialised equipment, including means of substitution of vital components within the intruder alarm system.

To a large degree, the choice of grade would be guided by insurance companies.

Structured standards Grading of systems Classification of equipment Risk based This provides a structured approach to: Usually a security company will only agree to take signals from security systems of Grade 2 and above. It is also worthy to note that in some European countries, police forces will refuse to put a premises under supervision if it is not protected by at least a Grade 3 security system. Naturally it covers all aspects of alarm systems from authorization, redundancy, user roles, tampers to name just a few, but we will cover only the main aspects here.

BS EN 50131-2-2:2017

Security Grades One of the most important aspects of the EN requirements is the concept of a security grade. The following clauses have been updated: The faster, easier way to work with standards.

For example, a system combining intruder and hold-up PA functionality could have a grade 4 hold-up system whilst the intruder parts were limited to grade 3. Who is this standard for? Click to e5n0131 more.

This website is best viewed with browser version of up to Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 or Firefox 3. The grades are there to help people decide which security system they will need. It is assumed that a thief is likely to be opportunistic rather than bothering to plan things in advance.


Therefore, it is obvious that clients who require proper security for their homes and business premises will choose to fit a minimum Grade 2 system.

EN | AlertSystems Ltd

These will be classified for environmental conditions and in turn will determine where they are installed. Intrusion and hold-up systems. If however, an installer fits a grade 2 component such as a detector in a system then that system is limited to grade 2 at best. System specifications, as we currently refer to them, will in European Standards terms be known as the System Design Proposal and will propose the optimum system available by the installing company.

This has now been reinforced en05131 the introduction in July of of BS EN which again states that everyone who works in the security industry should be suitably qualified in the hs that they work, installers, surveyors etc.

As new parts of the European standards are completed they will eventually replace those parts of the PD, which will eventually be phased out. An insurance company may not insure your asset if it is not guarded by at least a Grade 2 system.

For each installation, the grade of the system has to be chosen according to various factors. En500131 who bought this product also bought BS EN