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BS EN ISO Non-destructive testing — Penetrant testing Part 2: Testing of penetrant materials. BS EN ISO Amendments issued since publication. Amd. No. Date Comments National foreword. This British Standard is the official English. Buy BS EN ISO Non-Destructive Testing – Penetrant Testing – Part 2 : Testing Of Penetrant Materials from SAI Global.

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In addition there shall be no stray white light sources near to the inspection area. The results of this test shall be reported.

Allow sb equipment to stabilise prior to use. If insufficient material is in the system, extra materialshall be added and mixed before any other tests are carried out.

Penetrant Testing (РТ)

As an alternative, the method described in 7. It also details on site testing requirements and methods. You may find similar items within these categories by selecting from the choices below:. The photomultiplier tube and chart recorder specifications is such that when illuminated in accordance with D.

Penetrant Testing (РТ)

Before using the luxmeter the operator shall check the stickers for the “valid to” or “calibrate before” dates. For this reason, by this method, penetrant 2 would be designated a lower sensitivity thanpenetrant 1.

The test refractometer shall be calibrated using accurately prepared solutions of the new bx emulsifier. The chart recorder is connected directly to the photo-multiplier tube.


It is recommendedthat the report shows actual values and not only a statement. The groove length should be longer than 20 mm, the groove width should be 0,15 mm — 0, mm and the depth1should be greater than 1 mm. The coating shall arrive wet on the surface;d leave for 10 to 15 minutes;e 3452-22 stages a to dlet developer remain for 30 minutes;f check for penetrant traces under adequate illumination.

BS EN ISO – Non-destructive testing. Penetrant testing. Testing of penetrant materials

Zerst rungsfreie Pr fung – Eindringpr fung – Teil 2: A separate form shall be used for eachpenetrant plant. In addition some materials used in process lines can be applied to the work piece either byconventional or electrostatic spraying.

The information bw learn from customers helps us personalise and continually improve your shopping experience at bindt. Examine a sample of thedeveloper suspension under ultraviolet light to ensure that it is free from fluorescence. For datedreferences subsequent amendments to, or revisions of any of these publications apply to this European Standard 342-2 incorporated in it by amendment or revisions.

The brightness of theindications is quantified using the discontinuity intensity measuring equipment. In the case of products conditioned in a spray can, purge the latter for 5 s before sampling and, at the moment ofweighing, spray the content of the can into a ml beaker, then pour immediately the product into the platinumboat.

This test shall becarried out at 15 C — 0,5 C. The flashpoint for batch testing shall not be more than5 C below the nominal value.


Information about our customers is an important part of our business and we are bw in the business of selling it to others. Part One Training Courses: The method detailed in 7. If any changes are made to the penetrant material composition then a new type test and product identity shall berequired. Take a sample from the tank and bd the temperature to 20 C or to the temperature at which the hydrometerhas been calibrated.

BS EN ISO 3452-2:2013

Record the level to which the colour intensities are similar. The test shall be carried out by an independent laboratory.

Testing of penetrant materials ISO Indications from pealable developers are not the same as obtainedusing standard developers. The density will enable the concentration of the developer to be determined from the graph. Accept and continue Learn more about the cookies we use and how to change your settings. The operation shall not last more than 2 min between the start of sampling and the closing of the bombcalorimeter. It is the responsibility of the supplier to choose which parameters are to be checked.

The result of this test shall be reported.