Brunton transit compasses: instruction manual (15 pages). Compass Brunton ECLIPSE Instruction Manual. Brunton compasses: instruction manual . Manuals and User Guides for Brunton ECLIPSE We have 2 Brunton ECLIPSE manuals available for free PDF download: Instruction Manual. The Brunton Eclipse combines all the tools you need for easy navigation. This unit offers three separate clinometer systems and much more. -.

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I am assuming they mean detents for the sighting mirror to stop at. To be fair to each of these compasses, I used a surefire P60 and illuminated the compass in dark conditions for 10 seconds and took photos to see to see the result. Bruntpn rubber shoe back on compass.

Read the bearing at the index line. Position compass at eye-level with mirror extending outward to the left. Notice the Suunto has the very standard 2 degree increments.

Position compass at eye level and sight through This is a popular method because it is possible to compare the map to the actual terrain. But first, it is important to note that the Brunton actually has two covers. When holding the compass out our belly, we were able to look directly over the compass. The bottom line is that I came up with a way to make this work. The first, smaller one allows you to do non-sighted and sighted bearings.

Third, is multiple mxnual scales. I am not even talking really low light. It is easy to visualize why it will dampen quicker if you compare that to the traditional compass needle, having the magnet at the end of a long bruntonn, far away from center. We know where we are and where we want to go. This is yet another nit pick on the Brunton. The back bearing scale seems to be hidden kind of far up in the housing.


However, it is inevitable that continuing on the trail is preferable to bivouacking. On the map, mark a start position with a “point” and a destination with an “X”. The blue Printed on the bottom of the vial, the adjustable blue orienting circle is used in bearing and orienting circle and the graduated dial rotate with the rotating azimuth ring. An interesting side note is that military style lensatic compasses can not even use this method because of the lack of the protractor.

I mean in your house, manuao the day, but with no lights on.

Brunton Eclipse 8099 Instruction Manual

Yet, because the needle is a line, and we have the doghouse lines, we just need to make everything parallel. I guess I will just let the photo speak for itself. I am not extremely happy about that, but at least it is a method that works. Very neat and fast concept. Line the edge of the compass up along direction of intended travel, get the orienteering circle pointing in a northern direction, and do the exact alignment with the meridian lines. But trust me, it gets much better.

Bruhton azimuth ring until reflection of blue orienting circle, 5.

Magnetic Declination – Brunton ECLIPSE Instruction Manual [Page 7]

The Suunto rocks in this regard. Pictured is the Sunnto M-3G with global needle. Tritium compasses are available, but not in either of these two models. Keeping accuracy in mind, I can never do it.

Rather than list them out 80099 boring detail, I would rather point them out while showing how each compass operates. For many reasons, beyond the bruntin of this article, I am a huge advocate of the baseplate style compass. There is also a scale on back for the adjustment set to zero in this photo.

Grasp black azimuth ring in one hand, and the vial in the other figure 6. Now, find the map bearing from one position to another. This is where my real heartburn with the Brunton begins.


Since there are no meridian lines in the capsule, the adjustment is not as obvious, but it works just the same. Next, you use the mirror to look down upon the capsule, doghouse and north arrow to make everything line up and read your bearing.

Brunton 8099 Eclipse Sighting Compass

Viewed from above, you can see that I was wrong. Page 30 Figura For the same reason the disc compass is generally fast, the small, center magnet in this needle dampens faster than any other baseplate or sighting compass I have seen. Please note that no matter the lighting condition, the camera can expose to see things correctly. Move it around and watch what happens to the needle.

July 17, Comments 0 How-To Articles. Pivot your body until reflection of the blue orienting circle outlines circled “N” It is actually very slick, and reminds me of a gyroscope.

The Brunton is adjustable too, and even easier! To me, that is very important if you are trying to route plan on a table, which more than likely has metal in it, and can mess your bearings without you ever knowing. Brunton In this aspect, the Brunton did not fare so well. In order to get to your end point, you now hold the compass at belly level, box the needle in the doghouse, and walk your bearing picking landmarks of course. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page.

I will stick with the method described below. That is a lot of talking for just a little bit of work.