Abassi O, Sadraoui A, Elharrar N. Les lésions caustiques du tractus digestif supérieur. 14 Mourey F, Martin L, Jacob L. Brûlures caustiques de l’œsophage. traversent spontanément le tractus digestif et ne nécessitent pas de manœuvre endoscopique. (longueur supérieur `a 6 cm, diam`etre supérieure `a 2,5 cm), l’ ingestion de piles néoplasique, caustique, troubles moteurs œsophagiens, diverticules, hernie .. `a l’origine de quatre types de lésions: brûlures électriques. B. () épidémiologie et évolution des brulures caustiques du tube digestif supérieur: à propos de cas. Journal Africain d’Hépato-Gastroentérologie, 3.

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Tran Bihan, Françoise [WorldCat Identities]

The left cervicotomy performed in our patients has csustiques advantage of better exposing the cervical esophagus with a lower risk of involvement of the left recurrent nerve [4]. However, one of the major obstacles to their use is the position of the initial gastrostomy, which may be the source of gastric transplant ischemia when used in gastric tubulization [12] and also the existence of gastric lesions.


Ann Chir ; Emergency management of caustic ingestion in adults.

What are the limits for resection? A review of 63 cases. Corrosive acid ingestion in man – a clinical and endoscopic study.

Tran Bihan, Françoise

Surgery for caustic stenosis of the esophagus in adults is rarely practiced in our country. Indeed, in the experiment of Zhou et al. A reassessment of the criteria for choosing medical or surgical therapy.

J Pediatr ; OJTS Most popular papers.

The average delay between ingestion of caustic substances and esophageal plasty was 11 months. J Thorac Cardiovasc Surg ; Self-dilatation of oesophageal strictures. N Engl J Med ; Risk factors caustiqhes stricture development after caustic ingestion.

Acta Paediatr ; One death was recorded in the case of postoperative peritonitis due to colo-colic anastomotic disunion. Intraoperative view of the transverse colic transplant pediculated on the upper right colonic artery.

Endoscopic intralesional steroid injections in the management of refractory esophageal strictures. Dysphagia and hyper sialorrhea were the main functional signs found in all patients. The last resort is esophagoplasty, which can only be performed after stabilization of the initial lesions [1] [4]. The average consultation period was 10 months with extremes of 3 and 24 months.

Of our 9 patients, six benefited from the treatment of poor nutritional status preoperative by feeding gastrostomy in 3 cases and by feeding jejunostomy in 3 cases.


The morbidity is a source of surgical resumption and a long duration of hospitalization which generates very important financial costs. Sugawa C, Lucas CE. In eight years we have collected nine cases of esophageal plasty for treatment of sequel of caustic burn.

Acide acétique (FT 24). Bibliographie – Auteurs – Fiche toxicologique – INRS

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Ann Surg ; Digeestif Chirurgia, 38, Chir Pediatr ; The use of the colon is recommended by several authors in recent studies [6] [8].

An evaluation of the poison prevention packaging act. Lye corrosion carcinoma of the esophagus.