Bronchopneumonia adalah infeksi akut pada jaringan paru-paru (alveoli). Biasanya pnemumonia terjadi pada anak dan seringkali bersamaan dengan infeksi. Bronchopneumoniapada anak saat ini menjadi penyakit yang paling sering terjadi pada anak. Masalah keperawatan utama yang terjadi pada anak dengan . BRONCHOPNEUMONIA PADA ANAK Diah Ayu Tri W Evinatalia Dimas Pandu D Fariza Ilham Dwi Krisma D Fathonah Eka P Eka Nur Rani Febriana Lukita W.

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The average dose of ampicillin was First-generation cephalosporins were administered to 42 patients Bronchopnekmonia, short of breath, inhalation therapy; bronkopneumonia, sesak nafas, terapi inhalasi. Received Mar 2; Accepted Apr It is advisable to consider oral administration of medicines in patients to whom antibiotics were administered intravenously and who subsequently experienced bronchopneumona improvement in clinical features 8. The youngest patient was 1 month old and the oldest was months old 16 years.

Published online May General principles of antimicrobial therapy. Every child with a clear diagnosis of pneumonia should receive antibiotic therapy since it is not possible to make immediate reliable differentiation of bacterial and viral pathogens 5.

According to the research done by the World Health Organization, for quality management of bronchopneumonia, certain criteria must be met in order to refer a child to hospital treatment: The study was retrospective and bronchopneumoonia a total of patients, hospitalized in pulmonary department of the Pediatric Clinic in the period from July to December Prevalence and correlates of treatment bronchopneumoia among Kenyan children hospitalised with severe community-acquired pneumonia: Cough was present in 88 or A total of 17 subjects in the treatment received ceftazidime, the lowest dose was given in infants mg and the highest dose was given to school-aged children 2, mg.


In newborn and infant age group, the following symptoms prevailed: In the period of the study July-Decemberreadmission to hospital due to bronchopneumonia was recorded in 12 subjects or Chest pain was experienced by 66 or Nursing care, BronchopneumoniaGas exchange disruption.


It has been shown that introduction of vaccines against measles reduced incidence of mortality by 2. Bronchopneumonia is the most common clinical manifestation of pneumonia in pediatric population and leading infectious cause of mortality in children under 5 years. Italian single-blind study from showed that there was a statistically significant difference in occurrence of bronchopneumonia in children who are not immunized compared to those who are Based on this study, it can be concluded axillary warm compress can be used as an effective intervention to reduce fever in children.

More information and software credits.

Duration of hospital stay number of days of hospitalization averaged 5. Third-generation cephalosporins were administered to 33 or The most commonly recommended medication in the aforementioned group was ampicillin in two forms suspension and tablets.

Antibiotic resistance and irrational prescribing in paediatric clinics in Greece. Bronchopneumonia, short of breath, inhalation therapy. The treatment of bronchopneumonia at the Pediatric Clinic was empirical and it broncuopneumonia to the guidelines and recommendations of British Thoracic Broncbopneumonia.


Controlled study with use of WHO standardization of radiographic definition of pneumonia included 37, children. For the purpose of preventing bronchopneumonia in pediatric population, specific epidemiological measures ought to be taken, and they should involve all levels of health care.

bronchopneumoonia This could be danger if could not treated appropriately. Text Sampul Depan Heni Wahyuni. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC.


The aim of this study was to determine the most often proscribed antibiotics and supporting concomitant therapy in treatment for bronchopneumonia at the Pediatric Clinic in Sarajevo, and to determine whether the treatment is in accordance with the British Thoracic Society guidelines.

The average duration of treatment with ceftazidime was 5. Etiological causative agents of bronchopneumonia are bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi. Trop Med Int Health.

Evaluation of Drug Treatment of Bronchopneumonia at the Pediatric Clinic in Sarajevo

Unduh teks lengkap Bronchopnemuonia Indonesia, 8 pages. Recommended intravenous antibiotics for treatment of severe bronchopneumonia are: The most commonly used medicine in the group of third-generation cephalosporins was ceftazidime.

Vaksinasi bisa membantu mencegah beberapa jenis pneumonia pada anak-anak dan orang dewasa yang beresiko tinggi: