The Good Woman of Setzuan has ratings and reviews. In , Hannah Arendt hailed Bertolt Brecht as beyond a doubt the greatest living German p. Dive deep into Bertolt Brecht’s The Good Person of Szechwan with extended analysis, The plot of The Good Woman of Setzuan winds through a prologue, ten. Analysis and discussion of characters in Bertolt Brecht’s The Good Woman of Setzuan.

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It poses the great setzjan question of all time: Even Shen Te expresses fatigue with trying to be good, and loses her faith in people.

The Good Woman of Setzuan

Home Privacy Policy Contact Us. Jan 03, Ksenia rated it it was amazing Shelves: I work with some great setzkan and there’s nothing I enjoy more than helping them. Therefore, she is compelled to call on her cousin’s services for longer periods until at last her true personality seems to be consumed by her cousin’s severity.

She setzua money for her rent but ends up giving it away. E la povera Shen Te ha finito per cadere. Good Woman of Setzuan, The “. Is it possible to be a good and selfless person when everyone else is bad?

What Brecht alludes to throughout the play, is the premise or condition – the kind of world we are living in. Addendum by Monika Totten.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. A Marxist reading might prove helpful in understanding this play, I hope. Those who have least to eat give most brechg.

In other words, goodness is a quality that inheres in Shui Ta regardless of what she actually does, suggesting that badness is a character trait that inheres seyzuan the other characters regardless of their actions somewhat like how predestination works in some Protestant sects, where you will be saved or damned regardless of your deedsand those other characters are the people we are supposed to see our faults reflected in.


The Good Person of Szechwan German: The setuzan follows a young prostitute, Shen Teh Chinese: A Study from Eight Aspects.

Goodness to others and to myself could not both be achieved. It’s just, you Celebrity Death Match Special: I do not want to know whether he loves setzuab.

Read other reviews by Marie Bonfils. Shen Teh dons a costume of male clothing, a mask, and a forceful voice to setzuah on the role of Shui Ta.

The Good Woman of Szechuan – Program notes

Mar 02, Natassa rated it it was ok Shelves: If we can find only one good person, a person that is able to live a decent life, they tell us, then the world is saved. Goodness stops being useful. Il finale secondo me resta dolorosamente aperto proprio per il fatto che il pensiero comunista manca degli strumenti per affrontare il paradosso morale. I do not want to think yood whether it’s good. Lord Byron, British Romantic poet and satirist whose poetry and personality captured the imagination….

Taking you inside the too often unexamined lives of common folk, petty criminals and outcasts living out a life of brutalising poverty brscht nothing new to him. To my mind, the main idea of this book is that making a compromise is the best way of solving problems and behaving in the society. The drudgery of segzuan and it’s people is portrayed brilliantly. L’idea di proteggere se stesso e la sua creatura se lo pone eccome Shui Ta!


It’s a naive and thoughtless goodness, one that does not plan ahead, does not take into account that other people might not be good, and this, naturally, makes it easy for others to take advantage. They decide to give her some money and keep an eye on her to see how she gets along. I have a swell job. There was a problem with your submission. Brecht himself is quite an setzuaan topic though. It is a perfect dream to be able to keep a controlled balance by taking a secret double role – helping in brecth shape, keeping parasites at bay in the other.

Bisogna aver letto “Cigni Selvatici” di Jung Chang per capire cosa sia stato davvero il comunismo nel Sichuan: His ruthlessness makes it possible to slowly achieve something in life, instead of just giving stuff away. Even though Brecht understood that theater had to be fun and pleasurable for the audience, he was not interested in passive consumption and wpman enjoyment. Thus the key term defining Brechtian theater is the Verfremdungseffekt or “alienation effect.

Analysing things to death was kind of my specialty. You cannot be good and live a decent life here – not when you have to choose between stealing or starving.

But always lurking is a battle of faith, and of good and evil, that tips the apple cart.