Brahmananda Swami Sivayogi profile and biography is given here. Brahmananda Swami Sivayogi was a social and religious reformer from. Brahmananda Swami Sivayogi was one of the foremost towering personalities, who activated the Renaissance movement in Kerala. The social-reform. other social renaissance leaders of Kerala, Brahmananda Swami Sivayogi. 1. C. Krishnankutty, Brahmananda Swami Sivayogi – A Social.

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Appu Nedungai, the author of the famous novel – ‘Kundalatha,’ and Sri. A man with controlled mind can increase the power of his will and can wipe out evil qualities like passion and hatred. Thus the mind also, when it get absorbed in the Supreme Bliss, loses its form and remains in the form of Bliss itself. Ritualistic practices lead only to unsteadiness of the mind and consequent vagaries. The Christians and Muslims who arrived here mainly for the purpose of business can be considered as Vaisyas who formed the trading class.

This is the most important and significant teaching of Sivayogi. Schools in Kerala Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

Brahmananda Swami Sivayogi – Wikipedia

His ideals served as challenges to the existing beliefs of orthodox society but were straight forward and, hearty to the straight forward common people. Moreover, the modern religious priests, though they worship God in the form of idols, strictly follow the artificial rules of untouchability, unapproachability and similar customs related to the caste system.

Brahmwnanda the mind is steadily concentrated in Dharana there arise various signals of bliss. This content is either purchased or provided by experts.


Tulasi is a symbol of Visnu’s presence and protection in the house. In this regard, he puts forth a reformed version of Advaita Vedanta. God is a single permanent entity and is to be treated alike for every human being. Most of the orthodox systems deal with the liberation of the soul through perfection called Yoga. sivyogi

Though his religion decried image worship and caste distinctions, he relied on faith in God and His grace than on pure knowledge. If He sivyaogi considered the creator of this world, He must be said to have an inconsistent want of it. The people of Kerala were very keen to preserve the old tradition and to integrate new values in their lifestyle.

Qns4u: Renaissance of Kerala Brahmananda Swami Sivayogi

The impressions arising from this state will serve as obstacles to other worldly impressions. It is before Nirvikalpasanriadhi and hence it differs to different persons.

The efforts of Brahmasamaj for a reformed society greatly attracted the attention of Govinda Menon. It held weekly meetings to preach the monotheistic dectrine of Hindu religion. In the early morning, he used to take the bath and visit the worship chamber in the house for prayers.

For the true knowledge of the self existent God, the most scientific and prolific way is Rajayoga which is the restraint of the mind and absorption of it in the Supreme Bliss.

God is compassionate, affectionate and is full of good qualities. This stage of life denotes the growing period of the philosopher in him who was a real and straight forward idealist 9. The nature of Atman can be realized in detail through Samkhya and Vedanta.

Brahnananda is the concentration of the mind in the plexus of meditation. This book is a delight to anyone who approaches the ideals of Sivayogi. A Critical Survey of Indian Philosophy, p. Ahimsa is doing no harm to others by word, mind or deed. The constraint done upon the reflection of consciousness in the mind without egoism, will result in the true knowledge of the nature of Purusa.


In grasping facts, Govindankutty was extra ordinarily brilliant.

Wait a moment…

But if the mind changes into an enemy, it will put an end to sivaogi peaceful life in the world and thereby to the attainment of salvation and experience of eternal Bliss Supreme. He was an extremist to such an extent that he strictly negated this practice and left no room for any kind of worship in his vision. The Cultural Heritage of India, p.

Casting the light of a sense activity ssami help to know the sivxyogi, concealed and obscure. But the real purpose behind the idea of idol worship gradually became misunderstood. Self castigation contains the courses of conduct such as mortification and lunar fasts and rigid penances.

Instead, he was a free thinking scientist who was searching for the truth. Then the citta is able to attain liberation easily. The external part is Hathayoga which describes various rigorous practices of the body.

Thereby the mental fluctuations will be vanquished. They are never expected to select such a way. The Ahamgrahopasana results in knowing one’s own identity with the object of his worship.