Results 61 – 90 of Discover Book Depository’s huge selection of Boris-Akunin books online. Free delivery Add to basket · Kochanek smierci. 27% off. Kochanek smierci czyta Artur Zmijewski by Boris Akunin, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. book by Boris Akunin. Boris Akunin. 3 references. imported from Wikimedia project · English Wikipedia · imported from Wikimedia project.

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Kochanek smierci

They are almost all in 3rd person perspective, and quite often not from the point of view of Erast Fandorin which is both tantalising and frustrating at times.

The early ones were interesting because they gave an insight into Tsarist times, with an engaging hero along the lines of Sir Percy Blakeney. The central character is a small boy, an urchin. But I can hardly protest the necessity of translating meaningful names.

A very worthy addition to the Erast Fandorin series which gets better with every read, onwards I go 4. I noticed that on Amazon UK, one reviewer repeated that name There is the list of the most glaring mistakes. A Russian detective as British as can be.

Azazel (powieść)

Filter your search Keyword. Besides, I take hats off to Paul Lequesne the French translator who did a remarkable job to find the French slang which corresponds to that used by Akunin. The action takes place at the same time as Fandorin’s involvement in the suicide club inve And now we’ve come to number nine in the Fandorin series.


Thankfully, all the background information was essential, and didn’t detract.

Very fast read and something I might want to re-read akinin a beach vacation. For some reason this one skipped past me when I was doublechecking the list–since so close to She-Lover of Death, which this book is something on a companion to.

I liked the writing style, especially the beginning full of slang.

Orekhovyy Budda Boris Akunin. The action takes place at the same time as Fandorin’s involvement in the suicide club investigation from She Lover of Death, and involves another young person infatuated with Death. Senka is a fascinating main character first, but unfortunately, like narrator-characters in many previous Fandorin books, he turns rather annoying. Se siete alla prima lettura, consiglio di leggerlo subito dopo She Lover of Deathin modo da potervi almeno divertire a completare il puzzle.

The ebooks are also missing some of the illustrations and other typographical effects that are present in the print.

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While the two mysteries are separate, they happen at roughly the same time. When Fandorin disappears from one book for a few days, he’s busy kochanem the other case – while the other cast continue of their separate paths. This mystery is described by the author as a Dickensenian mystery and is told from the point of view of a young orphan making his way in the criminal Moscow. Easy parallels with Oliver Twist and Great Expectations do not need to be mentioned. Amunin and adventurous, Akunin’s ability to shift narrative voice between each novel and in the Fadorin series his homage to style of authors of great detective fiction is impressive.


Lists with This Book. On an errand of mercy for Death, Senka discovers the location of a treasure buried in the labyrinthine tunnels underneath akunkn city — and realizes that he has a ticket out of the criminal life.

kochajek We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. Refresh and try again. These are their Russian nicknames which were translated. It feels a little like in Les Miserables – Russian version – and with an investigation for bonus. Istorija Rossijskogo Gosudarstva Boris Akunin.

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This had me pro I have read every book I can by this man. It was good luck to read them together, as I have not read this series in an order. Bisogna aspettare almeno un centinaio di pagine prima che entri effettivamente in scena e solo allora la storia decolla davvero, anche se non molto.

However, others who inhabit Khitrovka are not so lucky — there are a series of ghastly murders occurring there.