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The Turkish Gambit Boris Imerci. Erast Fandorin Mysteries 9. As in She Lover of Death, Akunin’s series character, Fandorin, is presented from the outside allowing us to see him at a distance. More confusion, all the main Another great Erast Petrovich Fandorin novel. No trivia or quizzes yet.

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Die diamantene Kutsche Boris Akunin. He Lover of Death is much more of an adventure story than a mystery, although there is plenty of crime and a growing list of suspects as the novel progresses. So my overall impression of the translation is quite bad, I even checked if the translator was the same. This had me pro I have read every book I can by this man. In some Dutch editions he is also known as Boris Akoenin. Life was harsh and corrupt, at least in slums as beautiful areas were protected.

Not on a bottle, but on a cobble, because it was a cobblestone pavement. Imerci your search Keyword. In the third room.

I think the translator didn’t like this book very much, tried to get rid of the job as soon as possible and never even read the translation. Happening concurrently with She Lover of Death, with Fandorin off stage in his other plot most of the time, this book focuses on Senka – the poor orphaned lad who struggles with the conflict between his inherent go A thoroughly enjoyable historical mystery novel.

The main villain somewhat surprised me, though I guess in hindsight it was obvious, but these, like most or all great murder mysteries thinking of the Flavia de Luce series in particularthe investigation is almost irrelevant when done right.


For some reason this one skipped past me when I was doublechecking the list–since so close to She-Lover of Death, which this book is something on a companion to. Both have their femme fatales, as well as plot twists. The chapters begin with a title which describe the action to follow, even if sometimes what we imagine is not what happens: Again, my suggestion is to read these books in order, but you can get by with this one as a standalone if you don’t want to go back and read the books that came before.

I noticed that on Amazon UK, one reviewer repeated that name The story moves at a quick pace, giving us memorable characters including a femme fatale called Death and a more fleshed out look at Fandorin’s Japanese assistant, Masa.

Fandorin himself is a great character, even though as a main character he still remains an enigma – a tantalising mystery in kochaenk that iochanek readers engaged and clamouring to know more. Just what the doctor ordered! Dei personaggi che animano la storia non ce ne sono di memorabili, temo, ma Morte merita una menzione speciale. Now she lives in the Khitrovka district of Moscow, where decent people don’t venture and where the criminal organizations are pitted against aknin other in a struggle for control.

This, howver, may be because kkochanek the utter perfection of Erast Petrovitsh. No wonder they startled the horses; moreover, a black dog is connected with Devil.

However, you could really read the 2 books without realizing they go together. I wonder if he continues on in The Diamond Chariot. Senka is a akinin addition to the cast of characters. In short, Akunin, considered the idol of Russian literature, collects readers and I understand why: The titles all contain the name of Senka, since it is through him that we live history.

Besides, I take hats off to Paul Lequesne the French translator who did a remarkable job to find the French slang which corresponds to that used by Akunin. Diamentowa karoca Boris Akunin. The Lover of Deathtenth volume borls Erast Fandorin series.


Also it has a sexy, crazy heroine. It is there where he becomes infatuated with the woman called Death, whose intervention sends him into the employ of The Kochnek, the leader of one of the two top crime organizations in the area, and a lover of Death as well. However, mkerci who inhabit Khitrovka are not so lucky — there are a series of ghastly murders occurring there. They are almost all in 3rd person perspective, and quite often not from the point of view of Erast Fandorin which is both tantalising and frustrating at times.

The ebooks are also missing some of the illustrations and other typographical effects that are present in the print. The early ones were interesting because they gave an insight into Tsarist times, with an engaging hero along the lines of Sir Percy Blakeney.

They were on their way to the church to get married, she and her bridegroom, when suddenly these two black stallions, great huge brutes, darted right in front of their sleigh. Erast vaguely akkunin to another case and Senka does spot Columbine.

I didn’t really care for She Lover of Death either. He gets better and better.

Kochanek Śmierci

Masa is not that clumsy. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Schastlivaja Rossija Boris Akunin. They were Speedy and the Night-Owl a minute ago. Sign up to newsletters. May 12, Mary: Return to Book Page. She Lover of Death Boris Akunin. Dickensian villains, fascinating historical detail, an exciting plot and alunin wonderfully tongue-in-cheek but slightly macabre sense of humour made this an absolute delight to read.