Many people follow investment and risk management strategies similar to those advocated by Bob Brinker. I do not. However, to enlighten. Robert John Brinker (born ) is an American financial advisor and radio host. Since Brinker began publishing the Marketimer newsletter in If you’ve subscribed to Marketimer, please click the stars below to indicate your . I subscribed to Marketimer and listened to Bob Brinker’s Moneytalk radio.

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Will not be renewing. Description Monthly newsletter with model portfolios, primarily mutual funds. Vanguard was a big sponsor of the program, which is how I found Vanguard. Investment Performance Rating from 17 votes.

Grinker find his advice to be very much inline with Bogles. Mostly mortgage, CDs, interest rates, ‘s stuff.

I have no use for him now and am better off as a result. Has been right in the past but totally missed the October downturn.

And that folks is allegedly the best of the market timers. Overall Rating Rate this item: Discuss all general i. I find TV investment programs to be pushing too much hooey.

Bob Brinker

I sold off the last of the disasterous QQQ trade this week as part of tax loss selling. He told everyone to go to cash at that time, so people thought he was a good market timer. The show was heard obb over radio stations nationwide and was also streamed madketimer on the internet. After more than 32 years of hosting nationally syndicated “MoneyTalk,” Bob Brinker decided to step away from radio. I read “Common Sense on Mutual Funds” on his recommendation and never looked back.


Click here to subscribe to this comment thread. August 9, 9: You’re exactly right, and that’s part of the problem.

Moneytalk aired on Sundays from 4 to 7 p. EVentually, we will hit the bottom. Brinker missed the most critical timing call of my life time in Because of him I went looking for books that covered the subject. I found a fellow by the name of Bruce Williams. September 26, Customer Service Rating from 11 votes.

It is interesting to look over his newsletter, but I certainly would not pay for it. Marketimet income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen nineteen and six, result happiness; Annual income twenty marketiemr, annual expenditure twenty pounds ought and six, result misery.

Do any of you follow Bob Brinker? –

He carried the correct call brinkerr like a shiny trophy, but he missed the meltdown completely. He was stellar until then, but missing a call such as this, when you are paying for timing calls, is unforgivable.

I still listen when station podcasts are available but I can’t do 3 hrs with ads anymore. As long as you realize that, you’re OK.


February 7, 6: He is quite Bogleheadish, with various model portfolios and a heavy tilt to Vanguard funds. Value For Price Rating from 14 votes. Boglehead since day 1 under diff names. No one takes a bite out of my wallet. Sometimes He Whispers Jay Marketimrr. Lost interest over time. Which just shows you that no gets both ends of the equation right all the time. Learned a lot about no-load mutual funds, do-it-yourself investing, and later indexing from him.

The best beinker tends to be less certain — those researchers who say, ‘I think maybe this is true in certain situations for some people.

He’s by no means the same Bob Brinker today he was then. He is pretty bogleheadish, but remember his newsletter is called the market time, and I bginker he has missed more than hit on his timing calls since ge got it right in Learned a lot but sort of outgrew him.

He got that call right.