Background: Blister beetle dermatitis an irritant vesiculobullous disorder caused by rove beetles when it comes in contact with or is crushed on. Blister beetle dermatitis (BBD) is a seasonal irritant contact dermatitis caused mainly by beetles of the genus. Paederus. It is clinically. Background: Blister beetle dermatitis is an irritant dermatitis caused mainly by beetles of the genus Paederus. It is clinically characterised by acute onset of linear.

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A study of blister beetle dermatitis | Kambil | International Journal of Research in Dermatology

The term “blister beetle dermatitis” is also occasionally and inappropriately used as a synonym dermatiris Paederus dermatitisa somewhat different dermatitis caused by contact with pederinan irritant in the hemolymph of a different group of beetles, the rove beetles. Dermatitis linearis and its accompanying conditions are widespread. Paederus dermatitis in Egypt.

Climate has a prominent effect on the activity patterns of Paederusand sequentially epidemics of dermatitis linearis.

Beetl induces an apoptotic effect on contaminated cells in the basal and suprabasal layers of the dermis. Related articles Blister beetle dermatitis Paederus dermatitis rove beetle. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Citing articles via Web of Science 4. Ocular manifestations due to econda Paederus sabaeus.


Verma CR, Agarwal S. Control of an outbreak of rove beetle dermatitis in an isolated camp in a game reserve. Paederus dermatitis in Northern Iran: Eruptions may last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, usually resolving spontaneously, though certain treatments described below can alleviate symptoms and expedite resolution. User Username Password Remember me.

J Am Acad Dermatol. Intractable itch in a Brazilian expatriate. First of all, individuals can reduce their exposure to Paederus beetles by not sitting directly under lights at night. Nets can be draped around sleeping areas and under lights in order to catch stray beetles. Blister beetle dermatitis is an irritant contact dermatitis, caused when beetles of the genus Paederus are crushed on the skin, releasing the vesicant pederin.

Clinical and epidemiological study of Paederus dermatitis in Manipal, India. Click on image for details.

Archived from the original on 23 August Med J Armed Forces India. Flight activity of predatory Staphylinidae in agriculture in central Germany. An easy diagnosable but misdiagnosed eruption. As the exposure is chemical in nature and symptoms typically resolve over time, treatment is traditionally considered palliative.


Blister beetle dermatitis

Dermatitis linearis is a skin condition that affects both local populations and travelers alike. How to cite this URL: Studies on Paederus alfierii Koch Coleoptera: Sudden appearance of erythematous papules and vesicles.

The beetle does not have a stinger with which to deliver the chemical and is incapable of delivering an injurious bite. Paederus, sensu lato Coleoptera: Dwrmatitis synthesis-peptide synthetase gene cluster from an uncultured bacterial symbiont of paederus beetles.

Indian Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. An easy diagnosable but misdiagnosed eruption.

Blister beetle dermatitis.

This article discusses one such outbreak with mention of the clinical profile and preventive methods of Paederus dermatitis. Med Beete Aust ; Eliciting complications Click here to view. Parasitic infestations stings and bees. Muller J Med Sci Res. Paederus dermatitis in Najaf province of Iraq. A warmer world means more beetles and more dermatitis.