CORM The Black Knight of Arabel. Page 2. RPGA® Sanctioned Play. Most likely you ordered this adventure as part of an. RPGA event from the RPGA. Support our drive because it’s the right thing to do. But also, here’s a list of prizes for the biggest donors and the compiled list of what every participant receives in. A Dungeons & Dragons Living Forgotten Realms Adventure by kushrenada86 in Types > Creative Writing and d&d.

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This is a module for the Adventurers League equivalent for 4th edition, so its monsters and encounters would need to be translated to whatever edition you’re ov if it’s knlght 4e. Avarion took a Bag of Holding. Moving closer to Otro he cried out blac, assistance, as it was beginning to get dark, but before anything could be done, darkness fell, and shadow creatures appear in the distance. The Black Knight of Arabel. The brewmaster broke out a potent brew of his, and said only those arabeel enough to drink this beverage would be strong enough to deal with the ghost problem.

Want to add to the discussion? JavaScript is currently disabled. The roof of the bookstore had suffered a partial collapse, and rain was coming through the hole. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. The mayor himself was a rather incompetent and odd fellow not worried at all about the shadow creatures. The creatures came from outside and ambushed the party from behind.

Its a one-shot i found online with a decent premise and some good roleplay options.


Would you mind letting me know what this is? You should check them out. After returning to the group, they decided to go see the mayor before checking out the theater.

The Black Knight of Arabel | The Sol Adventurer’s Guild | Obsidian Portal

After the obelisk was complete we met up with Orto and had our meal. Suffering a few wounds, the party retaliated with blade, arrow, and magic, and quickly smote their foes. We think you’ll have a much more enjoyable experience. The scroll had one thing written on it: The story gets a little convoluted the further in you get Leucis, the ever charming Tiefling, persuaded Otro that a more substantial reward was in order, given Otro did nothing, and they had just saved his life.

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CORM The Black Knight of Arabel | House Rules | Forum | BoardGameGeek

Verris, Mika, and Avarion slugged down the brew, while Crazydude, Leucis, and Tsuba not so skillfully faked drinking the mug. The crowd was relieved to hear this, as they were looking for assistance. In the aftermath Dark Skull rode up outside and removed his helm. The party interrupted at this point, addressing the crowd. Obsidian Portal has a lot of really cool features that use JavaScript.

A fiery fullblade, a talisman of battle, and a scroll. He was actually the son of Jarl, and was cursed and disowned by Jarl zrabel he was exiled. As the party walked to Arabel, Otro told them about Dark Skull, the name the people of Arabel had for the rider. Please upgrade your browser or install Chrome or Firefox to enjoy the full functionality of this site.


Leucis being ever his charming self chatted Bruin up, mentioning they were there in knighg name of the King, and had slain many shadow creatures, and could handle this ghost problem. Otro thanked us for the assistance and offered us a ride to Arabel knght to pay for some lodging in return. He invited the party in, and inquired if they wished to order anything.

The group asked questions of him and the obelisk.

With the basement clear, Bruin joined the group at the piece of the obelisk. Commenting is encouraged by the community, and downvoting is discouraged. September 26, The Sol Adventurer’s Guild.

But I checked a few different sources and I have no idea where you found this one. Verris took up the fullblade and talisman, as he was skilled in using both. Ascendant campaigns can oof previous versions of their pages, see what has changed and who did itand even restore old versions.


Tsuba and Avarion agreed to help the woman, and climbed up to the roof and secured a tarp over the hole. He also spoke of the many shadow creature attacks as of late, which made it unsafe after dark. The party set out to the bookstore and found an old woman there. All Submissions must be in the form of a question that is related to DMing or an explanatory guide.