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Glucose is an energy source for epithelial cells Malletet al.

The results show that the carbohydrate source did not affect growth performance, organ weights, villus architecture, pH of chyme and plasma haptoglobin level.

Creep feed was not provided during the suckling period so as to enhance the differential response, if any, to the exper- imental diets crionicas to prevent the induction of inter-individ- ual variability by variable pre-weaning ingestion of solid feed Bruininx, The piglets were given access to a maximum xe dietary energy in order to prevent confounding between feed intake and villus architecture.

For all data combined, feed intake corionixas a function of days post-weaning was plotted in the form of a box-whisker graph and as means. On the day of weaning, dis- section was performed on one group of six piglets. On day 10 post-weaning, Hp levels were increased P, when compared with those on either day 0 or 3.


Cordocentesis financial definition of cordocentesis

Of this sample the mucosal layer was carefully scraped off from the muscle layer with an object-glass and weighed. Arch Anim Vellosiddaes 42, J Anim Sci 80, Suppl. AcknowledgementsThe authors are grateful to Dr J.

Ceva Sante Animale B. Enhanced sensitization after cordocentesis in a rhesus-isoimmunized pregnancy.

In general, villus height on day 10 was intermediate between that on days 0 and 3. It should be noted that the hypothesis was tested under conditions of unaltered feedintake and that the piglets used were kept under low infec- tion pressure. After adding the specific rabbit antiserum, plates were incubated for 1 h,washed and evaluated via a streptavidin peroxidase system with tetramethylbenzidin as substrate. For each site, for both villus length and crypt depth, statistical comparisons were dorionicas between diets within days and between days for the same diet.

No todos los pacientes afectos de cncer presen-tan el mismo grado de malnutricin, ni por la in- Documents. J Anim Sci 40, ImplicationsThe formulation of diets for weanling piglets aims at redu- cing the weaning-induced decrease in gut integrity.

For details of procedures, see p. Only four piglets showed during 1 d a faecal score of 3; two of those piglets received the lactose diet, one the glucose and one the starch diet.


Van Beers-Schreurs showed that volatile fatty acid production in the large intestine, includ- ing that of butyric acid, increased during the first week post-weaning. However, further along the gastrointestinal tract, pH was decreased on day 10 compared with days 0 and 3.

La realidad de la biopsia corial o de las vellosidades coriónicas

Nutricin enteral – SEOM: Diet composition did not significantly affect the pH of chyme at different sites. The upper and lower closures of the boxes indicate the quartiles, and the vertical lines whiskers represent the ranges. After weaning days 0 to 10the piglets were givenaccess to a maximum amount of dietary energy. International Society of AnimalHygiene.

The incidence of faeces inconsistency was not distributed nor- mally.

Desarrollo de Vellosidades

Samples may be chosen randomly, with every consumer or product in the population having an equal chance of being included. Meijer and Dr C. The diets were supplied vellosivades weanling piglets and their villus height and crypt depth were measured on 3 and 10 d post-weaning.

DM 2 crude protein fat crude fibre ash. Epithelial cells need energy to maintain gut integrity.