By John Horn, Ph.D. and Heather E. P. Cattell, Ph.D. Raymond Bernard Cattell, who died at his home in Honolulu on February 2, , must rank among the. Raymond Bernard Cattell (March 20, – February 2, ) was a Influenced by the work of Cyril Burt, Charles Spearman (who was. Personalidad de. Raymond Bernard. Cattell. Dr. Gonzalo Adán. UIB. sobre todo a partir de su teorías sobre la personalidad. Autor o . Trayectoria y biografía.

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Multivariate Behavioral Research,19pp. General scientific observations should not be read as personal moral statements. Multivariate Behavioral Research, 26 2 Motivation and Dynamic Structure. There he spent his early childhood happily with his brothers and friends, and developed a lifelong love for the ocean and sailing. Robert Richardson Sears J.

New World Encyclopedia writers and editors rewrote and completed the Wikipedia article cahtell accordance with New World Encyclopedia standards.

From the almost 2, trait terms in the Biophysical traits category Norman was able to draw out 1, trait terms by analysing ratings of students. Manual for the Comprehensive Ability Battery.

Psychological bulletin2pp.

Multivariate Experimental Clinical Research, 10 1 It was also in this time period that he finished his first book “Under Sail Through Red Devon,” which described his many adventures sailing around the coastline and estuaries of South Devon and Dartmoor. Personality in Depth with Heather Birkett. After completing his Ph. The 16PF has been used and studied in thousands of published investigations.

Towards the end of his life, Cattell still edited and published his journals. Kazdin James H.

James McKeen Cattell

Multivariate experimental research designs and multivariate statistical analyses allowed for the study of “real-life” situations e. Handbook of Multivariate Experimental Psychology. To this picture of the family’s success one could add political power as well, as James’ uncle Alexander Gilmore Cattell represented Biografja Jersey in the United States Senate.


He is buried in the Valley of the Temples on a hillside overlooking the sea. Multivariate Behavioral Research, 1 2 A large-scale cross-validation of second-order personality structure defined by the 16PF. Cattell was bkografia criticized by Rutgers professor William H.

Raymond Cattell – Wikipedia

One reason that Cattell moved to the University of Illinois was because the first electronic computer built and owned entirely by a US educational institution – ” Illinois Automatic Computer biogdafia – was being developed there, which made it possible for him to complete large-scale factor analyses. The Clinical Analysis Questionnaire.

Multiple-indicator measurement versus the a priori scales. The history of earlier contributions by wikipedians is accessible to researchers here: At the beginning of his career, many scientists regarded psychology at best a minor biogdafia of study, or at worst a pseudoscience such as phrenology.

He continued to publish more than four articles per year and two books per decade through the s and s, and remained active in writing even as he became sick with colon cancer, prostate cancer, and heart disease in the s. A blue-ribbon committee was convened by the APA raymonx investigate the legitimacy of the charges. As he observed first-hand the terrible destruction and suffering after World War ICattell was increasingly attracted to the idea of applying the raymonv of science to the serious human problems that he saw around him.

Raymond Cattell

Multivariate Behavioral Research, 19 His three years at Harvard were particularly influential to his thinking about personality, because of the stimulating environment of creative personologists such as Henry Murray, Robert White and Gordon Allport.

The Scientific Analysis of Personality and Motivation.

The Objective-Analytic Test Battery. The Meaning and Measurement of Neuroticism and Anxiety. While effects on a discipline of a particular person’s writings are difficult to identify, it is clear that Cattell’s research has contributed immensely to the breadth and depth of modern scientific psychology, both directly and through the hundreds of colleagues and students around the world with whom he worked.


One of Cattell’s landmark achievements was his great ability to work with students and other colleagues and inspire them to great research on an international scale.

Raymond Cattell – New World Encyclopedia

Available in the U. The fallacy of five factors in the personality sphere. The Culture Fair Intelligence Scales were intended to minimize the influence of cultural or educational background on the results of intelligence tests. In regard to statistical methodology, in Cattell founded the Society of Multivariate Experimental Psychology SMEPand its journal Multivariate Behavioral Researchin order to bring together, encourage, and support scientists interested in multi-variate research.

Rather than pursue a “univariate” research approach to psychology, studying the effect that a single variable such as “dominance” might have on another variable such as “decision-making”Cattell pioneered the use of multivariate experimental psychology the analysis of several variables simultaneously. This incident and its lack of resolution ultimately reflected worse on the APA than on Cattell or his accusers.

Indeed, he believed that further investigation would reveal that the intellect itself could be parsed into standard units of measurements.

InEdward L. This was the start of intelligence research! The Lives and Works of Raymond B. They had three daughters and a son. Psychological Review, 50 Fifty Key Thinkers in Psychology p.

European Review of Applied Psychology, 46 1 ,