Theravada Bhikkhu Pāṭimokkha. Buddhist monks Patimokkha pali chanting in the Buddhist church on Uposatha Day, recorded from Wat Khung Taphao, Uttaradit Province, Thailand. Problems playing this file? See media help. In Theravada Buddhism, the Patimokkha is the basic code of monastic discipline, consisting of. Here you will the list of the rules of conduct that all the bhikkhus are supposed to Not to recite together with laymen, texts of dhamma in Pali language. A fault committed by a bhikkhu is called an æpatti in Pali. . Note: the numbering of the patimokkha rules doesn’t correspond at all with the chronology in which.

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There being some reason or another for a bhikkhu to go to an army, he may stay two or three consecutive nights with the army. Evanca sa bhikkhuni bhikkhunihi vuccamana tatheva pagganheyya, sa bhikkhuni bhikkhunihi yavatatiyam samanubhasitabba tassa patinissaggaya.

List of the rules of pātimokkha

Mayye samanuddese evam avaca ma bhagavantam abbhacikkhi na hi sadhu bhagavato abbhakkhanam na bhikkhi bhagava evam vadeyya anekapariyayena ayye samanuddese antarayika dhamma antarayika vutta bhagavata alanca pana te patisevato antarayaya ti evance sa samanuddesa bhikkhunihi vuccamana tatheva pagganheyya sa samanuddesa bhikkhunihi evam assa vacaniya: Sa bhikkhuni bhikkhunihi evamassa vacaniya: Chandagaminiyo ca bhikkhuniyo, dosagaminiyo ca bhikkhuniyo, mohagaminiyo ca bhikkhuniyo, bhayagaminiyo ca bhikkhuniyo, tadisikaya apattiya ekaccam pabbajenti, ekaccam na pabbajenti ti.

An out-of-turn meal, except on the proper occasions, is to be confessed. Not to accept food from poor people who show remarkable fervor towards the dhammawithout having been invited by them.

Not to agitate the hands when eating. A bhikkhu who is not ill may accept make use of a four-month invitation to ask ;atimokkha requisites. Not to leak the lips when eating.


Whatever the offense he has committed, he is to be dealt with in accordance with the rule; and in addition, his deception is to be exposed: Sikkhamanaya bhikkhave bhikkhuniya annatabbam paripucchitabbam paripanhitabbam.

To keep the eyes always lowered when sitting in inhabited areas. Retrieved on May 9, Yassa bhavissati, so harissati ti.


Should any bhikkhu charge a bhikkhu with an unfounded sanghadisesa offenseit is to be confessed. Ujjagghikavaggo dutiyo [21] Na khambhakata antaraghare gamissami ti sikkha karaniya. Not to use mattresses, cushions or cloths aptimokkha with cotton or kapok.

Tatiyampi pucchami, kaccittha parisuddha? If he should stay longer than that, it is to be confessed. Here the standard is this: Not to appoint payimokkha kappiya on his own, nor to be too pushy with a kappiya who is supposed to provide something.

Full text of “Bhikkhuni Patimokkha Pali”

If while being rebuked up to three times he desists, that is good. Should any bhikkhu report another bhikkhu’s serious offense to an unordained person, unless authorized by the bhikkhus, it is to be confessed.

A bhikkhu who is not ill may eat one meal at a public alms center.

Parajikuddeso dutiyo 25 Only in CS. Jotivaggo catuddasamo [] Ya pana bhikkhuni bhikkhunihi sahadhammikam vuccamana evam vadeyya: Rattandhakaravaggo 86 dutiyo [21] Ya pana bhikkhuni nagga nahayeyya, pacittiyam. Not to look at someone else’s bowl with jealousy.

It is contained in the Suttavibhangaa division of the Vinaya Pitaka. Not to palk a threatening gesture suggesting that he is about to strike. Should any bhikkhu knowingly make use of water with living beings in it, it is to be confessed. Aramavaggo chattho [61] Ya pana bhikkhuni gabbhinim vutthapeyya, pacittiyam. Not to light a fire, or have a fire light.


Asantiya apattiya tunhi bhavitabbam.

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Uddittha kho ayyayo attha patidesaniya dhamma. Should any bhikkhu set out bedding in a dwelling belonging to the Community, or have it patimomkha out, and then on departing neither put it away nor have it put away, or should he go without taking leave, it is to be confessed.

Not to accept money. Ayya kho chanda pi gaccheyya, dosa pi gaccheyya, moha pi gaccheyya, bhaya pi gaccheyya ti.

Should any bhikkhu knowingly consort, join in communion, or lie down in the same lodging with a bhikkhu professing such a view who has not acted in compliance with the rule, who has not abandoned that view, it is to be confessed.

The aniyata are two indefinite rules where a monk is accused of having committed an offence with a woman in a screened enclosed or private place by a lay person. I prefer sitting or talking alone,” if doing it for that reason and no other, it is to be confessed.

Ayya kho kuladusika papasamacara; ayyaya kho papaka samacara dissanti ceva suyyanti ca; kulani cayyaya 48 dutthani dissanti ceva suyyanti ca.

Idam kho avuso civaram mam uddissa viyati, 76 ayatanca karotha, vitthatanca appitanca suvitanca suppavayitanca suvilekhitanca suvitacchitanca karotha, appeva nama mayam pi ayasmantanam kincimattam anupadajjeyyama ti.

Not to remain alone with a woman in an isolated place. When a bhikkhu is making a sitting cloth, it is to be made to the standard measurement.