Summer Training Presentation of BHEL Block Limited Ranipur, Haridwar ( Uttrakhand) Submitted To: Mr. XYZ Submitted By: ABC Roll No. Who give me lot of inspiration and skills to complete this Report successfully. Training Report on Manufacturing of Turbo Generator at BHEL Haridwar .. BLOCK-2 Fabrication (Steam, Hydro & gas Turbine) iii. .. 34 CONCLUSION We have undertaken summer training in Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited, Haridwar. View Test Prep – from MECHANICAL I thankfully acknowledge the staff of BHEL, Haridwar for giving me so much co- (Sr. Manager,TUM Block-3) to support me during my Industrial Training. . I cannot even describe how much Course Hero helped me this summer.

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Lastly, our training at B. The natural frequency of the stator trainign is well away from any of exiting frequencies. At the all, till now BHEL is best in supply and manufacturing products.

Bhel Haridwar training ppt

Help Center Find new research papers in: It provided an opportunity to encounter with such huge trianing like turbo-generators The architecture of B. When the rotor rotates, the lines of magnetic flux cut through the winding. To avoid-heating of press ring due to end leakage flow two rings made of copper sheet are used on flux shield.

THFF Basic terms are: Electrical machine repair shop. Summmer separator insulates the individual layers from each other.

  ASTM D4629 PDF


At the transition from the slot to the end winding portion of the stator winding portion of stator bars a semiconductor tape made up old polyester fluce is impregnated. The main Administrative Building is a distance of about 6 km from Haridwar Railway station. First plant was established in Bhopal in ; repory Haridwar in January, Today BHEL has 14 manufacturing divisions, 9 service centers, 4 power sector regional centre and about project sites.

Heavy casting and forging. Alternate arrangement hollow and solid conductors ensure an optimum solution for increasing current and to reduce losses. Italy Super rapid gun mount.

It achieved a sales turnover of Rs. Filing in and purging of hydrogen safety without bringing in contact with air.

It then enters the moving blades where its direction of flow is changed thus producing an impulse force on the moving blades. The main features of core are — i. It is also as electromagnet and to give it necessary magnetic strength, the winding must carry a very high current.

Bhel Haridwar training ppt

Retaining rings are made u of non-magnetic high strength steeling order to reduce the stray losses. A common shaft carries relort rectifier wheels the rotor of main exciter and the permanent magnet rotor of pilot exciter. To provide mechanical support ii. The blades of fan have threaded roots for screwed into the rotor shaft.

Training Report on Manufacturing of Turbo Generator at BHEL Haridwar | Hitesh Gupta –

Kollmann rotor slot milling machine up to maximum barrel length of mm, barrel diameter of mm and rotor weight of tones. To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors.


The blades are responsible for extracting energy from the high temperature, high pressure gas produced by the combustor. Rotor outside the stator at standstill. I did my training at HEEP plant.

Its blade is larger than high pressure turbine. The pressed core is held in pressed condition by means of two massive non-magnetic steel castings of press ring. At the same time, a snap ring is provided against axial displacement of retaining ring. The stator slots are provided with platinum resistance thermometer to record and watch the temperature of stator core and tooth region and between the coil sides of machine simmer operation.

Gas turbine have been used for electricity generation. The non-drive side of rotor is equipped with a rotating side of armature which produces AC voltage. BHEL is trainung the summeg engineering enterprise of its kind in India, with a well-recognized track record of performance making profits continuously since The company is a major producer of large-size thyristor devices.