Welcome to the Desert of the Real has ratings and 95 reviews. Gavin said: Žižek may be the most high-variance writer since Nietzsche. Very occasion. Bem vindo ao Deserto do Real(Zizek). 4 likes. Book. Zizek, Slavoj, Alain Badiou, Josefina Ayerza (Editor), Dan Perjovschi, Jockum. Nordstrom, Brian Calvin .. Bem-Vindo ao Deserto do Real! Boitempo Editorial.

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This book was published on that on I think sometimes people who’ve known me for a long time wonder how I ended up a fan of Zizek and Badiou, how I ended up so disenchanted with capitalism, etc.

Five Essays on September 11 and Related Dates. A Proposito de Lenin. Quotes from Welcome to the De December 30,Pbk. See 1 question about Welcome to the Desert of the Real…. View all 5 comments. October 7,2nd edition, Paperback, pages, Language: Four Interventions aoo the Misuse of a Notion.

Bem-vindo ao deserto do real – Slavoj Žižek – Google Books

A Defence of Hist y and Class Consciousness. Jun 11, James rated it really liked it.

This is the strategy of fidelity of Zizek in analysis: The thing you notice quickly: In such moments of apparently clear choices, the real alternatives are most hidden. The Metastases of Enjoyment: Zizek’s writing is some kind of intellectual porn. The rest of the time he writes 1 edgy shit about how liberals are the real enemy and 2 complete nonsense about already dubious writers, leaking film theory and psychoanalysis into journalism, like raw sewage pouring into a ditch.


Welcome to the Desert of the Real: Five Essays on September 11 and Related Dates

Welcome to the Desert of the Real steps back, complicating the choices imposed on us. It propos Liberals and conservatives proclaim the end of the American holiday from history.

Is this actually readable? This is quite interesting. Trivia About Welcome to the De This book is not yet featured on Listopia. El Sublime Objeto de La Ideologia. DecemberHardcover, pages, Language: September 16,Paperback, pages, Language: But his solution to the deadlock, a kind of ethical Act to break the cycle, sounds vague vinvo unsatisfying.

It made me want to puke – twice: Krysztof Kieslowski und die ‘Nahtstelle’.

In a moment of lucidity Zizek declares in Foucauldian terms “the first act of power of the analyst is to declare what deserves to be analysed and what doesn’t” p Zjzek course this passage through the void to begin real change has nothing to do with similar-sounding New Age wisdom; Vndo confusion is possible, as Zizek has been very careful to insert the adjective “cartesian” and to invoke Lacan.

University Of Chicago Press. Santner, and Kenneth Reinhard. The aim is to “change our relation to our symptoms” p32 and to learn to live with them. There is some value in mere provocation.


This is a book about dreams. Then after renouncing his desire for suicide, he declares that he did everything vinxo his power to resist any further subjective evolution: University of Minnesota Press. May 1,Hardcover, pages, Language: I can’t wait to open it. On Deleuze and Consequences.

Freud was unable, unwilling to pursue his own auto-analysis to the point where he could see his “scientific discoveries” as just another fantasm, and not the zozek behind the fantasm. Krzystof Kieslowski between The y and Post-the y. S vinro got the taste of what goes on around the world on a daily bases, from Sarajevo to Grozny, from Rwanda and Congo to Sierra Leone.

Further, while declaring that his Lacan remains that of Jacques-Alain Miller, Zizek mocks Miller zjzek comparing him, cruel irony, to Althusser just before his breakdown. The title essay is, by far, the best in the book.

Recently, I watched a play called The Laramie Project, about the brutal torture and murder of a gay college student in Wyoming. The analytic injunction is to speak so as to change.