We reserve rights to make modifications to this manual without any further notice. .. Use only cables provided by Beamex when connecting MC5 to a PC or a. BEAMEX MC5-IS | FIELD EQUIPMENT FIELD EQUIPMENT | BEAMEX MC5-IS .. CD-ROM with user manual, software tools and product information. MC5 is the first of its kind modular ALL-IN-ONE multifunction calibrator. Alternately, external and manual reference junction . Internet http://www.

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Only qualified personnel may use pressure instruments and pres- sure sources. The resolution of the display is x pixels. Special Measurements Special Measurements Special measurements are extra utilities that can be activated to perform a special function alongside the normal measurement.

Beamex MC5

Mc5-is Hardware All sections maual connections are presented in detail on the next pages. A limit switch test displays the opening and closing point of a limit switch. Every module in MC5- When measuring Electrical output in this section MC5-IS acts as a device controlling the flow of current while a external device generates the supply voltage for the loop, both in the and the module.

This makes it possible to buy a calibrator with capabilities according to current requirements. There is no fixed upper limit for the number of repeats except the available free memory. Number of Steps field, ample is limited to a small starting step and MC5-IS displays a dashed line instead of a only two full steps. The above not withstanding, we can assume no responsibility for any errors in this. MC5-IS includes several optional modules both in hardware and firmware.

It enables checking and calibration of temperature indicators, recorders, transmitters and other equipment related to manuaal measurement with a thermocouple probe.

MC5 multifunction calibrator | Beamex

Special Generations Special Generations Special Generations Manual change of generated signals is sometimes a restriction. You can check the product specifications of Beamex MC5 from the old product brochure: Beamex MC5 has been a great multifunction calibrator but the world keeps changing. The default language is tional temperature scales: Comments to this Manuals Your Name. MC5-IS de- termines mqnual limits of the range settings based on the selected quantity and port, not the connected instrument.


Display MC5-IS has a reflective display. Page General The general principle is: This file format preserves all the changes in the property settings described in chap- ters Mx5 Properties and Channel Properties.

Only personnel with good experience and knowledge of high pressure liquid, air and ni- trogen operations are allowed to work with the module. Read carefully all bwamex instructions and local safety instructions for high pressure operations before starting the use.

There are mmanual some ex- ceptions to bamex rule: Never use any strong detergents. For instance, when the MC5 was still in production, a customer could buy it as a pressure or temperature stand-alone calibrator, and then later expand it into a data-logging, documenting multifunction calibrator. If the input signal never stabilizes the symbol is visible con- tinuouslybut you want MC5-IS to save the results anyhow, press Force Accept Function Key.

BEAMEX MC5-IS User Manual

Select one of the available instruments by pressing the Select key. Examples of Instrument Calibration This User Guide has only a few examples of how to calibrate an instrument.

If you are calibrating instruments using off-line method then please keep in mind this: Page of Go. The large graphical display guides the user in different languages and it displays results both numerically and graphically. To print the manual completely, please, download it. With small changes, this procedure should also suit all tempera- ture instruments with a fixed sensor. If the module is not included in your MC5-IS, the Use the Function Key to remove un- wanted digits first and then enter the new digits.


Chapters Table Of Contents The date must always be given in dd. Other trademarks are property of their respective owners. Page 74 Check that the instrument under test is set for the same thermo- couple type as selected in MC5-IS.


If you simulate a thermocouple in millivolt mode, you must convert from temperature to millivolts manu- ally. When a beamed log is done, you can Thus there is no exact limit manua the number of instruments that MC5-IS can maintain in its memory. This procedure suits temperature sensors no matter if they are RTDs or thermocouples. The Display Area Configuration Window: If an instrument that cannot withstand the generated signal is connected to MC5-IS, the instrument may get seriously dam- aged.

Basic Mode, Defined Basic Mode.

The collected data may then be viewed, transferred to a personal computer PC and printed using a utility shipped together with MC5-IS if the Data Logging option is pur- chased.

If the type is not one of the available types, you should simulate in millivolt mode and convert from temperature to millivolts manually. Don’t have an account?

Page 16 Part B of this manual describes in detail what kind of reference junction settings are available. To be able to thermovoltage using Internal Reference Junction Mode: Safety So be careful when working in wet conditions. It is mechanically prohibited because only an intrinsically safe Bat