Check out Britten: A Midsummer Night’s Dream / Act 2 – “Be Kind and Courteous To This Gentleman” by Elizabeth Harwood & London Symphony Orchestra. Watch movie and read libretto and translation of Be kind and courteous, an aria for from the English opera A Midsummer Night’s Dream by Benjamin Britten. Watch movie and read libretto and translation of Be kind and courteous, an aria for from the English opera Midsummers Night’s Dream by Benjamin Britten.

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Be kind and courteous

Oberon Injurious Hermia Sung by: Flute Tenor A bellow-mender excited by the prospect of acting in a play. Hippolyta is to marry Theseus.

Oberon guides the narrative through his servant Puck. The second of Tytania’s four fairy servants.

Quince Bass The leader of the mechanicals britfen though Bottom often rides roughshod over his opinions. Moth Treble The third of Tytania’s four fairy servants. Bottom awakens with his head returned to normal, he thinks it has only been a dream but a very strange dream at that. On another it is a psychological treasure trove, purity, madness and cruelty crashing against each other to riveting effect.

The Lion roars to a polka and Thisbe kills herself to a Victorian ballad. Demetrius arrives pursued by Helena but angrily dismisses her. His health was uneven; gout, tendonitis and bursitis all plaguing him over the course of the year. Puck has not completed his task!

A Midsummer Night’s Dream | The Opera

He does this with a lantern, and is much mocked for it by the Athenians. Hippolyta Contralto The queen of the Amazons. The four lovers awaken, finally happily courteos off. Peter Hall’s Glyndebourne production is delightful, Hall made MSND a cornerstone of his career, and this cast can seldom have been bettered. A friend of Hermia who was previously engaged to Demetrius before he called it off to marry Hermia.


Demetrius falls asleep the characters in MSND have a real penchant for sleeping It is nearly dawn. Be kind and courteous Sung by: The juice of this flower has the power to make anyone fall in love with the next person they see. Oberon is elated to find his plan for Tytania has worked so well but his pleasure quickly dissipates when Demetrius enters chasing Hermia.

All the characters bar two Egeus and Philostrate make the cut, resulting in an opera with a diverse and lively range of characters nearly 20! Demetrius Baritone Demetrius is engaged to Hermia having been previously engaged to Helena. Arguably one of Britten’s best recordings of his own works!

Britten captures these disparate narratives with contrasting sound worlds. The mechanicals deliver their ludicrous and hilarious Pyramus and Thisbe for the three couples. The tailor who plays the part of moon. Oberon I am your spaniel Sung by: Unfortunately things get even worse when Helena and Lysander come hurtling in, waking Demetrius who promptly falls in love with Helena.

Left alone Bottom sings to himself awakening the nearby Tytania. MSND however, was something of a rush job, going from conception to opening night in well under a year. MSND is to our minds one of the most underappreciated of all operas.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

The first appearance of the fairies. Oberon argues with Tytania over a young changeling boy Oberon wants him for a knight whilst Tytania wants to keep him as his mother was one of her servants. We leave the woods for Athens. Unlike at the premiere Pears takes the larger part of Lysander.


Hermia enters and is swiftly rejected by Lysander which only enrages Helena more as she thinks the other three are mocking her. The king of the fairies. His cruelty to Helena in front of Oberon sets the play’s events in motion. A bellow-mender excited by the prospect of acting in a play. They fuss over the casting, Bottom’s shenanigans setting off hilarity, brtten eventually all is settled and they agree to meet later the same night to rehearse. This Mendelssohn music contains possibly one of the most recognisable tunes ever written: Surprise, surprise he awakens and instantly falls in love.

Puck appears and thinking he has found Demetrius sprinkles the juice on Lysander. Plays the lion that rather sweetly fails brtten eat Thisbe. Lysander loves Hermia though she is engaged to his friend Demetrius.

Mustardseed Treble The second of Tytania’s four fairy servants. Everything came together to a near total success.

The first of Tytania’s four fairy servants. He provides considerable comic relief, particularly when he gains his donkey’s head and frolics with Tytania. Jubilee Hall in Aldeburgh.