This FAQ is a guide to the video game Battlecruiser AD (“Battlecruiser A.D.”). The text has been written for Battlecruiser AD version , the final. This is the final version of “Battlecruiser AD” (BC3K, sometimes To quote the v 3rd edition manual: “Nothing you do affects the grand scheme of things. Battlecruiser AD is a science fiction video game, noted for its long, troubled development . I pay for the cost of goods, including the boxes and manuals.”.

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This might allow comprehensive coverage of one area of space, or when distributed across the galaxy just enough to spot most major fleet movements across the galaxy. A project codenamed ‘ABC’ was announced aroundwidely thought to be an acronym for ‘After BattleCruiser’ although there were plenty of other less complementary explanations. On top of that, you have the option to pursue one of 13 careers as one of 12 races. Click the Hold button from the Tacops Commmand Palette.

Battlecruiser AD – Preface – Tim Howgego

It was a major disaster. Look at Tactical–Launch and browse through the first four craft on the list Int-1, Int-2, etc. Before publisher Take-Two Interactive released Battlecruiser AD in Septemberit had generated one of the longest and largest flame wars in the history of Usenet. To gain full power from the solar reactor, you must align your ship to the main star in the system in this case, the sun – pitch, yaw and rotate the battlecruiser until the SRE gauge on the bridge view is close to full – the solar panels are milleium the top of your ship.

How do I go to another star system?

Right when I was about to enter a wormhole one of my waypoints — conveniently plotted by the games commlink control center I was attacked by a band of Aurora fighters. Look for the “enter craft” key on the keycard slash. Some stations specialize in a particular area.


Once can then zoom right down to view each building. Contained everything, including modifications and game-builder script. This is not an official FAQ. So what do I do? Okay now you may ask, “Those are some pretty impressive parameters to play in, but what exactly can I do? Ya’ll are scaring me. Once armor and hull are gone the ship explodes.

Battlecruiser Millennium

Sell some of your spare parts to raise credits if you need to, and buy two OTS missiles any type will do for the purposes of this tutorial, for example OTS- Tanix. In this region, Lyrius, you should see an enemy red contract on the radar, and a warning noise will sound.

I will NOT answer stupid questions unless I’m in a really good mood. Consequently you should aim at the green box. Instead this tutorial is structured around topics and operations.

Budget boxed releases followed, which eventually incorporated 3DFX support, full fleet command and control, and planetary surface maps. Deploy a mining drone on a milleniumm or moon using a shuttle.

Move between these screens using the menu under the Galcom logo in the top right. Obviously, your SC is extremely weak and easily destroyed When you wish to leave the Earth, point the craft up towards space and apply full thrust in FTOL mode.

You can do this in Tacops or the Bridgeviewer. But I don’t want to use autopilot! It fails, of course. Unfreeze the game Update. To quote the v2. Green means completely effective, fresh as a daisy. If one millwnium is full, it does not follow that you will be able to start battlecruiswr excess items in another bay.

Appropriate techniques are discussed in the context of Advancing time, below. Later, when you go for LONG distances into enemy territory, bring more fuel the maximum your tank fits, like or more. Another useful key to know is L, which cycles through different CVD modes.


We may have multiple battecruiser for few games when different versions are available. How do I tell how well the mining is going?

Battlecruiser AD – Walkthrough

You will see real-time strategic information about activity in the region as if you were there yourself. The currently selected missile is displayed as text just below dead centre, with type and name, for example “STS Vagrant”. Shuttles do not need to be crewed by pilots. They’ll eventually starve and start losing health, and eventually die If it’s one of your department officers, and your cloning module is working, you can clone him or her back to life, but they’ll lose any of the AI gains since the beginning of the game.

Other trademarks and copyright are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders.

Battlecruiser 3000AD – Preface

Nothing yet, maybe next update Load up and launch for Starpath, Mars. Ensuring you host the most recent version is also appreciated, but not mandatory. You can ignore any enemies you encounter on the way as you will probably outrun them. As for how, please see Manual Appendix section [7. Large bodies and navigational features, such as the Debris Field, are targeted using the NID bottom left. The original Take 2 release version was touted as: So while you may have spent battlcruiser minutes looking at station screens, only the time spent docking, launching, and switching to and from the shuttle is registered.

Time for some combat. It allows you to “prelock” targets for your battecruiser.