Batch Posted: by gshackney. I’ve found a few scripts claiming to do this, but cannot find one that works. Any thoughts?. If you don’t have a copy of AppleWorks any longer or would prefer to batch convert loads of documents at one go, there are a couple of utilities. Cult of Mac reader Nancy S. asks, “How can I convert my Appleworks files to Page files. I have many old files that APple didn’t think were.

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Applications Speciality level out of ten: Old Hardware Speciality level out of ten: Thanks for all the information Barry. User profile for user: Thanks cateye and iljitsch. How do I save the files 1, files that are converted? Sep 8, After you have opened the script in the Script Editor, and Saved it as an application, an easy test of what happens to the original files and folder, and the converted files is to:. But that’s just me not knowing how to use it.

Will converting the files do anything to the original documents? Sign up using Facebook.

Thanks for btach, Sometimes you need to take a little action to help yourself. I have Pages ’09, do you think I need the earlier version? I’d try it if I had an old Appleworks file, but alas, I don’t. There is a program called Easy Draw which is capable of opening Appleworks drawing docs.

  ASTM D1816 PDF

Posted on Sep 8, 4: Maybe your local Apple Store will let you show up with a firewire drive and convert them all proper-like.

converting AppleWorks to Microsoft Word (Mac), 2011

Pages can open only word processing files created by AppleWorks 6. Nothing will open Xppleworks documents or databases. Tis the season for the Mefi Mall – shop fine products by Mefites! After the two hours at the apple store and 45 minutes on the phone with Tech support, my problem was solved. I knew there was a reason I kept all those CDs lying around.

How can I batch convert old Apple Works files? | The Tech Guy

Thanks awfully for the pointer, though – looks like I might be able to fathom it out. I keep getting an error message in Pages that it cannot open batvh file. Of course the format was not exactly the same in document was not saved exactly as it appeared in AW, but at least all of the content appeared. The description below, copied from the English notes at the head of the script, should answer bwtch questions.

Jan 13, 8: I confess AppleScript was something that I just never grokked. Most of my files are word processing. I guess my question should have been: To use the script, save it as a script or as an “Application Bundle”.

You cannot open any other type draw, paint or database of AppleWorks 6 documents with any iWork application nor can you open AppleWorks 5 or any version of ClarisWorks documents.


Thanks again for helping Barry. Mon Nov 19, 6: Dec 4, 5: The only thing it will drop is appleworkz elements. For education it is the best software ever developed for showing seamles interaction of all computing environments.

I have spent hours and have no solutions for converting my files. My Pages application had some kind of corruption in it. Thanks for the tips everyone. To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. Sep 9, 8: I seem to remember that old versions of iWork were capable of opening AppleWorks files. Open the script in the Script Editor, then scroll down a few lines. Ars Praefectus et Subscriptor. The Google translation of Yvan’s French instructions is adequate for preparing and running the script although Yvan’s translation is better, and included in the script.

January 15, 7: I don’t think the folks involved are really too worried about formatting, mostly the content. I’m not sure we have a copy of AppleWorks anywhere, but I can ask around.

It will not even open them individually. Tue Nov 20, 2: Oct 8, Posts: Assuming you have a copy of AppleWorks. Manca Weeks 5.