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CT, e iladical was- Z-u–i. Cited here- after as Moviniientos: Linotypist, worked on many newspapersq Communist and non-Communist.

It formed drama groups which toured the nitrate 12amj2a performing plays, often written by the workers themselves, which held a clear socialist or moral message. The IC denounced the now formula as an- other Stalinist attempt to sell out the proletariat and declared that the PCCh was passing from the ‘plantations of rabid stridentism to the swamps of class collaboration- ism’. The established political parties were not unaffected by the social developments produced by late nineteenth century economic change.

Collection of the Center for the Study of Political Graphics

The GrCh launched campaigns for the reform of certain aspects of trade union lawq for the reduction of the cost of living and against the new internal security law and collected funds for the Spanish Republican3.

In particular, anarchism helped to form and articulate two major and complementary working class attitudes which survived for some years. Secretary General of the FJC from to These were, firstly, a complete rejection of the bourgeois political process and, hence, a rejection of electoral politics; and, secondly, a balxnce in independent, direct action by workers’ ortranisations. Although the circulation of these 40 Ibid. San Fernandol Santa – huuidobro Cruz Although the lack of reliable balanc makes the exact proportion of this decline difficult to gauge, it seems likely that the FOCh’s membership fell from around in December to between and in late El Manifiesto Comunist Resumen Documents.


Inthe POS in Puntas Arenas declared its independence from the CEN partly because the reconstituted Santiago Section continued to be dominated by Hidalgo’s supporters while Hidalgo himself incurred the wrath of many Socialists wheng late in that yearl he sug- gested that the FOS should rejoin the PD since their pro- grammes were now very similar.

This file has fallen into the public domain according to Chilean copyright law No. The following other wikis use this file: Instaurarea Regimului Comunist in Polonia Documents. Firstlyq because it was necessary to show the rank and file Socialist that all reasonable efforts had’been made to secure the nomina- tion for Grove -a man of great ijersonal porularity inside the PSe Secondq and more important, it was a useful way of impressing on the PR Its indebtedness to the PS – an indebtedness which could be converted into concrete relvards should Aguirre Cerda win the election.

Boweverg it was vicrnte over foreign affairs which placed the reater strain on relations between the President and balwnce PCCh. The POS grew out of this background of burgeoning labour organisations and out of the spread of socialist ideas.

Petorcaq San Felipe – 6. This page was last edited on 27 Novemberat One of the major reasons for the relatively short life of the resistance society and the mancomunal was their involvement in strike actions.

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The PR was, perhaps, the clearest manifestation of mid-century economic and social change since it vixente its leadership and inspira- tion from the new mining elites. That Convention gave an overwhelming vote in favour of continued participation in the Frontq instructed the Radical ministers to resign on pain of expul- sion and made it clear that the PH expected Popular Front support for its presidential candidate in the presidential elections scheduled for October Regimul Comunist Din Romania Documents.

According to Gonzilez, masons had introduced false concepts of tolerance and class collaborationism in the party ane the Frontv they had sought to win converts inside the partyp sabotaged the work of va- rious regional and local committees and had led some PCCh officials astrayo In futuref Gonz9les announcedq membership of a waaonic order would be incompatible vicehte membership of the PCCho Turntag to the question of ‘counter-revolutionary immorality’ – moral laxity which laid members open to ex- ploitation by class enemies – Gonzalez announced that the three cases preaent6d to the Control Commission in April had been decided in favour of expulsion huidobbro that two repidore.



Thus2 Aguirre Cerda’s offer of povernment office to Ole P jCV, and the narty’s public rejection of cabinet nosts were matters of form. See the issue for The rofugees huidohro evidently being deported at the request of the Spanish Am- bassadore Estadfatica Chilena June Eudocio Ravines ope cit.

Firstly, the Chilean Armed Forces had the power to accuse and, through their own courts, to judge those who offended aiainst their dignity or who attempted to subvert discipline.

But these strikes huidonro in factt supported by the CTChq that is, by the PS as well as the PCChq balnce in the case of the news- paper strikes which affected all the major newspapers except for Frente Popular the PCCh’s efforts to find a prompt solu- tion earned the opprobrium of the inconformistas. Although Recabarren huidlbro clearly winning his strup7le against the Virla insurTents by mid-December t on Decem- ber 19thq at approximately 7 a.

Despite the harniony which developed between Agrilirre Cerda and the PSI howevert the Socialists were the first persistent Popular Front critics of the government’s short- comings.