Remote Start & Security Systems. These Avital® Remote Start and Security Systems combine security with remote start to give you peace of mind, knowing your. Guides and Manuals We know it’s difficult to keep track of your guides, so download any of your Avital® Owner’s Guides here. , 7/31/, download. Model Installation Guide. This product is intended for installation by a professional installer only! Attempts to install this product by a person other than a.

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Multi-level security arming Multi-Level Security Arming is a feature that allows the user to select which system inputs or sensors will aivtal active, or will be bypassed when the system is armed.

Table Of Contents Contents Warning! Primary Harness h1pin Connector Never use this wire to drive anything but a relay or a low-current input, supplied out Standard Transmitter Configuration Using Your System This can be used to pulse the disarm wire of the vehicle’s fac- tory anti-theft device.


See Table of Zones section of this guide. Aital 64 The company behind this system is Directed Elec tron ics Since its inception, Directed Electronics has had one purpose, to provide consumers with the finest vehicle security and car stereo products and accessories available. With the vehicle in Park Pactivate the remote start system.

Interpreting Zone Diagnostics Avital Installation Manual 64 pages car security. In the OFF setting, the parking lights will not come ON or flash, when the vehicle is remote started. Has the NPC system been triggered? This makes the group of bits or “word” from the transmitter very long.

Long term event history The system stores the last two full triggers in memory. Feature menus The default settings are indicated in bold type. If so, you will hear 5 chirps avvital disarm- ing. Remote Start, h3 Secondary Harness Got it, continue to print.

Avital L 1-way Security System With Remote Start | eBay

Feature Menus Feature menus The default settings are indicated in bold type. Is the LED plugged into the correct socket? Scrape away any paint and use a factory bolt, or make your own ground with a self-tapping screw and a star washer. Disabling The Remote Start System During the runtime the remote start can be shut down with any of the shutdown inputs.


Ground all your com- ponents including the siren, to the same point in the vehicle, preferably the kick panel. Does the vehicle have an immobilizer?

Relay Satellite 4-pin Connector Some new vehicles use less than 12 volts in their ignition systems. Menu 3 – Remote Start Avifal Descriptions Feature descriptions The features of the system are described below.

Avital 5103 Installation Manual

Aviral probably guessed already, but here goes: Page 6 vehicle starts when performing the Neutral Safety Shutdown Circuit test, the remote start unit has not been properly installed. Before Beginning The Installation Feature descriptions The features of the system are described below. For more informa- tion about the remote control functions, see the Owners Guide.