In the delivery of the card a pair of disc rollers scan the cross-section of the carded sliver as it emerges. These readings are compared electronically with the . Need of Autoleveller in. carding machine •Careful control of sliver uniformity is necessary in the spinning process. •So, continuous checking of sliver weight. Keywords: Autoleveller, Cotton yarn, Count variation, Draw frame. 1 Introduction able yarn count CV has been assessed for carded counts. The effect of single.

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A limit switch is provided to prevent the starting of doffer when the coiler hood is opened. Careful control of sliver uniformity is necessary in the spinning process, to minimise the production of streaky fabrics.

Auutoleveller — Different Types Of Ginning machine. Developments in carding section Auto leveler autoleveller in carding How it wo Powered by Facebook Comments. Comparision between mixing and blending in Blowroo The measuring device is built into the protective cover above the doffer.

Classification of Auto Leveling in Carding: Grinding Roller For Carding machine How it works Your feedback is always appreciated.


The irregularity of card feed material is cagding important reason for sliver count variation ranging from very short upto 25 cm to very long term more than m variations. Feel free to join the discussion by leaving comments.

Auto leveler (autoleveller) in carding | How it works?

Auto leveler autoleveller autolevfller carding How it works? Study of different parts of carding machine and th As the calender roll move, the aluminium disc is lifted and comes in contact with adjustable pins, it operate the corresponding electro pneumatic valve on or off the doffer driving mechanism.

The pulses derived in this way are processed electronically so that the speed of the in feed roller can be adapted to the delivered sliver weight via mechanical or electronic regulating devices.

Please do not spam. So, continuous checking of sliver weight together with automatic correction of sliver weight variation at card is necessary. Fibre properties to be considered for blending: ERM- Cleaner -Universal opening and cleaning machi This system reduce long-term and short term variation.

Autoleveller in Carding | Autoleveller in Drawframe

Frictional Properties March 14, Md. How the Carding Machine Works? Newer Post Older Post Home.

Principle of short term auto leveling: Coiler hood stop motion: Latest posts by Md. Sliver variation cause the tongue upper roll to rise or fall. The optical feeler is so arranged that the running sliver interrupts the beam of light and if the sliver breaks.


There are two possible applications for assemblies of this type, namely in processing comber noil and where card sliver is fed directly to the rotor spinning machine. High Production card and autopeveller of conventiona If the actual speed differs from the set point, the variable speed motor is de-accelerated or accelerated untill the two speeds coinside i.

Auto Leveling in Carding | Part 04

Settings in carding for different grades of cotton An optical measuring device detects relative variations in the cross-section of the fiber layer on the main cylinder over the whole width of the cylinder. Prom this measured value a set point speed is derived for the variable speed motor which drive the draft roll.

Stop motions in the carding Stop motions are used in the following places of HP cards.