Alternatively, we can ship your order with the following documents (in German) ” Ausfuhr- und Abnehmerbescheinigung für Umsatzsteuerzwecke bei Ausfuhren. Is it the “Ausfuhr- und Abnehmerbescheinigung für Umsatzsteuerzwecke”? If so, can I just download it, print it, and ask the garage to fill it?. In order to do so, the retailer provided me with a green form (“Ausfuhr- und Abnehmerbescheinigung für Umsatzsteuerzwecke beim Asufuhren.

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With a a lot of road border crossings that is not possible so you have to get the form stamped by German Customs and mail the form back to the retailer in Germany who will reimburse you.

VAT refunds

Problem is that you have abnehmerbwscheinigung ‘export’ the purchases and document it with a stamp from customs, but to receive the VAT, you’ll have to reenter the country e. Not every shop keeps it in stock. I’m servicing my car in DE but it’s abnehmerbesfheinigung near the border, so they are not used to customers claiming tax back. Tax-free shopping As a non-EU resident visiting Germany you are exempted from sales tax when shopping in this country.

You’ll have to go to customs for the stamps. It is without prejudice if you concluded the purchase contract prior to your entry into the Federal Republic of Germany as can be the case with an on-line order.

Usually at the border crossing, you take the receipts to the Swiss customs window and pay Swiss tax and get stuff stamped. Jan 22, 07, But you need to have the export certified at the airport so the seller isn’t stuck with the tax bill.


He has to go back to the vendor and fill the form I mentioned above.

No customs officer in sight now what? – English Forum Switzerland

Shorrick Mk2 Forum Legend. Under certain conditions the purchase of goods from retailers is free of sales tax:. Can’t I just take the receipt to the border?

If he doesn’t have the required passport, you need to go to the german consulate in china and get a certification from them by showing your docs.

The service company will then have the amount of the tax payments refunded by the domestic seller. The whole thing is about removing the tax burden from the seller and you ausfujr advantage of it, if that helps to make sense of it. Maybe over mail or at an airport? The same applies where goods ordered on-line undd first been dispatched to a Packstation, for instance to be collected later by the purchaser.

I was amazed I never had to show my passport during this entire trip. Originally Posted by Guy Betsy. Postal consignments, internet order. Yesterday, we made our first trip from Switzerland into Konstanz, Germany since we moved to Switzerland a few months ago.

As a non-EU resident visiting Germany you are exempted from sales tax when shopping in this country. So I have a couple of receipts stapled together! Fribourg – IT Compliance officer job available.

The export of the articles in your hand luggage is confirmed in London. If, say, the German border crossing was unmanned at the time you crossed, you can send the forms to the nearest German consulate or embassy in CH for stamping.



On the following pages you can find information on technical issues such as browser compatibility or downloading files, as well as hints on how to use the forms and regulations.

With my limited German I am struggling with that form. Especially if an agent is involved who will take most of the VAT saving in commission The problem is that when I entered Switzerland later that evening we took the boat from Friedrichshafen to Romanshornthere was no custom officer to be found.

In case of certain exceptions, the export certification can be issued by an official body of the Federal Republic of Germany abroad, for example an embassy in part C of the form instead of a German frontier customs office.

Tell Swiss customs what you bought. Zurich near Zug Posts: Once finally cleared, your luggage will remain with the customs office of exit from where it will be forwarded without delay best practice at Frankfurt am Main airport. Even when you claim tax exemption for your purchases you must first pay the full purchase price including the turnover tax. Jan 22, 07, 3: