Atruaghin, also called Quetzalcoatl or the Feathered Serpent, is the patron Immortal of the Atruaghin Clans and a former ruler of the Azcan. That included GAZ Atruaghin Clans, the subject of my review today. However, the pdf in question only had the maps and the page. I’m basing it in the borderlands area between Darokin and Atruaghin, circa AC. I’ve made some changes to the Atruaghin clans, and added some detail to.

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Member feedback about The Atruaghin Clans: As he was to be ritually welcomed back to the clan, he died at the rituals end, with a smile on his face. After becoming the leader, her clan became the Clan of the Turtle. Cover art is by Clyde Caldwellwith interior illustrations by Stephen Fabian. Dragonlance deities Forgotten Realms deities Greyhawk deities. Though dejected she still aided the group by helping them qtruaghin throught the caverns.

The Atruaghin Clans

A Shaman generally wears mid-level or chainmail armor, and wields spears and clubs. It was the default setting for the “Basic” version of the game throughout the s and s.

Hattani appears as a warrior chief, with a toned body, a lined and wise looking face marked in war paint, hair in a ponytail, and a bear claw talisman around his neck. When she manifests, it’s usually heralded by cloud of warm, dense fog from the sea. In order to ensure the continued safety of the clans, Atruaghin called upon his patron Immortals, and with the magic he had learned, he raised a great plateau for the clans, which elevated him to Immortality.

Eldritch Wizardry Supplement IV: The second page booklet “Referee’s Guide” is for the DM. Few ways exist to reach the Plateau, which explains why the Children of Atruaghin have been able to keep their isolation from the neighbouring nations. One can select a combination of feats for the character from the following trees: This list does not include books designed for use as premade adventures.

There is no central government to bring together the Children of Atruaghin. Greyhawk modules Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Member feedback about Mystara: CC Attribution-Share Alike 4. He never lies or resorts to deceit, respecting law and justice greatly.


You can help by adding to it. The spell-casting monsters are generally treated struaghin primitive or unsophisticated clerics or clerics of uncivilized or inhuman deities. The Children of Atruaghin have a limited technological knowledge, and are usually unable or unwilling atraghin use or craft metallic tools or weapons. The book was written by William W. When ever he appears, Atruaghin is a middle-aged, copper-skinned cheiftain, wearing a bonnet with colorful feathers.

Connorsand was published in It is the last of ckans Gazeteer series of source books. After Atruaghin unified the clans, she went to meet and study with, eventually falling in love with him, and considered marrying him, but Atruaghin, due to his agelessness, refused.

Character classes Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. The land is generally fertile, with the notable exception of the Bear clan lands, but it is not intensively cultivated and retains much more wildlife than any of the eastern lands of the Known World.

The publication consists of two booklets, a fold-out map and atruaguin cardboard cover. Atruaghin appeared to Hattani at struaghin moment of his death, back to his people. The Hollow World refers to the inner surface contained within the world of Mystara, similar to the real world legends of the Hollow Earth, while some adventures take place on the Savage Coast, a 2, mile long frontier coastline about 2, lcans to the west of the Known World.

She promised Atruatzin, whom she had fallen in love with, and his followers that they would be safe in her lands, if they promised to stay there for all eternity, which Atruatzin and his group rejected. In his escape he made his way into the realm of the fairy queen Xochiquetzal.

Atruaghin – 1d4chan

His trust was however betrayed, and was almost killed by Atzanteotl when he attacked his minions. At the moment of his death, Atruaghin greeted him, and Mahmatti ascended to Immortality. Here they stayed in a ruined building they, which they consecrated for Kalaktatla and Otzitiotl. This page was last edited on 3 Julyat Though he prefers diplomacy and talking things out, he understands that sometimes atruavhin force is necessary to make some people listen.


Connors, and was published in Connors has worked for a number of companies since the mids, either on staff or as a freelancer, including TSR, Wizards of the Coast, id Software, and Hasbro. While the warrior Horse tribes are lead by the strongest fighters, Bear clan villages elect their chiefs, atruaghiin practice a form of democracy.

These events forced Atruatzin to escape from the city, along with a group still loyal to him to the city of Quauhnahuac, eventually being driven from there by the armies of Atzanteotls followers. And when danel threw Hattanis body to flesh-eating fish, he ascended to Immortality.

The Plateau is a vast region of fertile grasslands and waterways in the west, where the Horse clan lives, more dry to the north-east, occupied by the Bear clan and covered by a forest in its south-eastern reaches where it is inhabited by the Elk people.

Age of Ravens: Atruaghin Clans: A Fragmentary Review

For those iterations that treat the shaman as something other than a priest of uncivilized deities, the shaman gains power from animistic spirits instead of, or in addition to, a deity, force, or philosophy. He gathered a cadre of warriors around his side and waged war against the humanoids freeing the clans.

With his journey completed he returned to the clans, who had been enslave by Orcs and other humanoids. Dragondown Grotto Red Hand of Doom. Wake of the Ravager Dark Sun Online: Cover art is by Clyde Caldwellwith interior illustrations by Stephen Fabian. A single trade route reaches the villages of the Bear clan from the Darokinian city of Akesoli.

Though he was a just and wise ruler, his reign coincided with the ascension of Atzanteotlwho had been lurking among the Azcans for a century and a half, and had begun corrupting the to his own ends.