Floor slip resistance testing is the science of measuring the coefficient of friction of flooring .. The former ASTM F was the test method for the Brungraber Mark II (also known as Portable Inclinable Articulated Strut Tribometer or PIAST) . Buy ASTM F TEST METHOD FOR USING A PORTABLE INCLINEABLE ARTICULATED STRUT SLIP TESTER (PIAST) from SAI. In relation to these two tests are the ASTM F (Mark II) and ASTM F ( English) standards. Both of these standards for measurement.

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Slip resistance testing or floor friction testing is usually desired by the building’s owner or manager when there has been a report of a slip and fall accident, when there has been a report of a near accident, or preferably before the flooring is installed on the property.

Floor slip resistance testing – Wikipedia

Excerpts from the Whole Shoe test documentation illustrate three reasons why: Stand Your Ground Slip resistance is a challenge. This ASTM test ashm has expired, and there are no plans to renew it as it has caused more confusion than anything else.

However, SCOF tests should never be used to determine if a floor is slippery when wet. See “external links” at the bottom of this page for more information on the inadequacies of the C test.

An average number of dynamic coefficient of friction DCOF is calculated by the machine after its run across the flooring has been completed.

The pendulum and the BOTE are two instruments that have active standards and have achieved international acceptance as valid slip testing devices. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Two operators repeat this test three times and then an average is calculated. When it comes to footwear, the topic of slip resistance is almost as treacherous as the slick floors, wet surfaces, and uneven terrain employees encounter every day. It is produced in the U. There are also barefoot area recommendations based on pendulum tests with a soft rubber slider F177 rubber also known as Slider The SlipAlert “car” has a rubber slider on its bottom, which slides across the flooring after running down a fixed ramp.

March Learn how and when to remove this template message. Dry slip resistance is not an indicator of wet slip resistance — in fact the two often vary inversely — so reliable wet slip resistance testing is often needed as well as reliable dry testing. Archived copy as title Articles with ibid from March Journal of the Korean Society of Safety.


For this reason, Red Wing Shoe Company recommends three simple principles for evaluating slip resistance:. The BOT is a drag-sled meter, which means that it crawls along the floor under its own power at a constant speed measuring the resistance to slip of a standardized piece of rubber loaded into the bottom of the machine. The Variable-Angle Ramp is a German-developed method for obtaining pedestrian slip resistance values.

To assess a floor’s slip resistance, a reliable, thoroughly researched in wstm studies floor friction test method must be used, and then a minimum safety criterion 0. There is a digital readout on the device that records the maximum distance the SlipAlert has traveled across the flooring, and a safety criterion graph which interprets the results.

F1767 sample is slowly inclined until the operator slips on the surface.

ASTM F Slip-Resistance Footwear Standards |

But as noted earlier, an instrument must be able to pass ASTM F, but must also be able to provide a “reasonable precision statement” required from all r1677 publishing agencies. Insoles Insoles do not play a direct role in slip resistance, but they should offer additional cushioning and impact padding for employees who are on their feet for extended periods or work on hard surfaces. With an official test method and a safety criterion, this test is useful in determining the anti-slip properties of flooring, helping building owners and managers to avoid future slip and fall accidents by taking remedial steps to remedy slippery flooringor help avoid losing a lawsuit based on a fraudulent accident.

It is possible for safety footwear to be too slip resistant for the job. SlipAlert is a matchbox car-like tribometer that is aetm to mimic the readings of the pendulum.

Manufactured in the United Kingdom, it is used for field testing, but is of limited use in a asym setting because it requires a long path length of flooring astj conduct tests.

For example, one shoe may provide adequate slip resistance on dry concrete but become slippery on wet steel. The following text summarizes the standard: Another might offer substantial slip resistance initially, but if the sole is not durable and wears down quickly, the slip resistance may also diminish.


We put together this page with critical information to help answer your key questions about OSHA recordkeeping. Navigating the Standards Slip resistance requirements for footwear do not exist as they do for other protective aspects of safety footwear, such as toe protection or puncture resistance.

Uppers Uppers can be made from various leathers, suede, mesh, and combinations of these. Webarchive template wayback links CS1 maint: Establishing a Reference Standard”.

All slip resistant footwear should be tested to this standard to establish a common basis for comparison. The BOT performs a test without human input except for the pressing of a button, making it more difficult for the operator to manipulate the results of the test.

ASTM F 1677 Slip-Resistance Footwear Standards

Slippery flooring produces readings close to zero, and flooring which show higher resistance to slipping give results further from zero—high numbers such as those 36 and above indicating suitable slip resistant flooring. This test method provides a measurement procedure setting forth DCOF ranges which facilitate remediation of walkway f167 when warranted. For example, static tests can be conducted before and after a fresh coat of wax is applied to a floor f11677 make sure the SCOF has not changed dramatically with the new wax, or readings can be taken at various times during a business day to make sure that dirt and dust is not making the flooring slip situation worse throughout the day.

The TracScan is the fifth generation of robotic tribometers originally engineered and manufactured in Germany since Employers should prioritize durable footwear that provides the most slip resistance for the longest period of time. Archived from the original on It is vital to avoid clogging the tread.

It is ideal to work with a safety footwear provider who understands these tradeoffs and can help advise your organization on the right product for the work environment. In the Whole Shoe test, the footwear sole and underfoot surface are brought into contact, subjected to a specified vertical force for a short period of static contact, and then moved horizontally relative to one another at a constant speed.

If the SCOF of the flooring falls to.