source: Function_thtml. The additional_parameters parameter can be used to pass an. List of free PHP web hosting service without ad(bannerless with no forced ad). Free Web Hosting (NO ADS) with PHP, MySQL for domains / subdomains. Including latest CPanel, Fantastico, unlimited FTP, POP3 / Imap EMails, Addon/.

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Their Forum posting is suited only for those members who have knowlegde related to topics related to Computer. It is easy to get credits for maintaining your free web site hosting service. Updated 6 years 8 months ago. I love this host although today i just get some billing message when trying to visit there main page.

The pho negative point is that you have to post in the ‘contribute’ category of the forums in order for your post count to rise. And for most of us, we spend almost as much time there than we would or do on our jobs. His choice of moderators is very picky, and only picks pho who are really worthy, and admins too. Rudi Visser 17k 4 qstahost They really give all the following facilites They seem to be the best in their field.

Most of the bad reports will be from people looking for a file dump and asta doesnt work like that. You end up posting a lot more than that because there are atsahost many different topics.

The Admin, whose name is OpaQue on the forums, offers a mini-hosting package to those who have reached 10 posts to encourage them to get 50 post and get real ‘professional’ hosting. Besides when I tried to look at the devhost.


How to display a “wait” page while php busy ?

I expereinced a Total uptime of Rather it is pretty enjoyable. And btw, once I got a msg saying “astahost. The freewebhosting uptime is wonderful. You will experience the company of the finest talented people on the web! Check out their uptime on astahpst site. I hear people moan about the strict rules, they exist for one reason: The Support is by the forum.

Most of the time ftp don’t let me login, and once it does, it takes over a min to respond to simple ls command. And you are free to read the stupid reviews at the bottom.

I would suggest anyone to give it a try first and then form their opinion. When I have had a problem, I have gone to them and it has been fixed. Could you believe it, the main admin of this forum has no ethics or manners whatsoever. You can install CGI telnet on your hosted site at astahost and do it for yourself.

email – Basic mail function (PHP) additional “-f” parameter question – Stack Overflow

Post Your Answer Discard Astaost clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Post a few posts every week and you will get hosted.

I will not recommend this host to anybody, specially to any GIRL. Your source for design inspiration – creattica. The forums are great much better than the web hosting itself. This might astahoet be because I have an extensive knowledge of computers which made it easy to post on, or that just because they accept a lot of posts and give out very good points.


Meta Tags of astahost. It’s totally free, and with professional service. Alexa Search Engine Traffic. Type the following in CGI telnet command prompt and press Execute.

AstaHost free web hosting review

As no active threats were reported recently by users, astahost. Exteremely nice and friendly management. I give it 10 since, I am happily hosted with them without any problems!

Sign up and get webhosted free! So I finally decided to get an account at astahost and investigate it myself. Then “OpaQue” came up with some new lies, we proved them wrong again and so he came up with few more lies. Sop log a progress metre? You pp expected to have astaohst good background of computers or computer related fields.

You may also need to add the user that your web server run as to your sstahost configuration. For me, its hard to trust someone like that. I had a problem with the cPanel not working and the admin fixed it within 10 minutes!

If you think you have this in you, you are at the right place! You get great FREE help from the best community around.