The Extraordinary Aspiration of the Practice of Samantabhadra. By Venerable Thubten With the energy of aspiration for the bodhisattva way. Penetrating Wisdom: The Aspiration of Samantabhadra released by Snow Lion Publications. Five Wisdoms. The next section of the Prayer talks about the. Penetrating Wisdom: The Aspiration of Samantabhadra [Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The reason we rely.

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May I always meet a spiritual mentor And never displease that excellent friend, Who deeply wishes to help me And expertly teaches the bodhisattva way. You lions among humans, Gone to freedom in the present, past and future In the worlds of ten directions, To all of you, with bodyspeech and sincere mind I bow down.

May I teach the Dharma in the language of gods, In every language of spirits and nagas, Of humans and of demons, And in the voice of every form of being. Share your thoughts with xamantabhadra customers. Finding Rest in the Nature of the Mind: In Part Three Dzogchen Ponlop breaks the text down paragraph by paragraph.

The King of Prayers

Don’t have a Kindle? This aspiration to be cared for by the guru throughout all future lifetimes was composed at Wutai Shan at the request of samantahadra disciple named Rigdrol.

Purifying the power of all contaminated actions, Crushing the power of disturbing emotions at their root, Defusing the power of interfering forces, I shall perfect samantabhara power of the bodhisattva practice. Certain Buddhist authors are so dependable you can order their books and be guaranteed you will gain new insights. In a magnificent vision, Sudhana sees the body of Samantabhadra from which radiate visions of all worlds throughout the universe in every eon past, present and future.


You who may actualize parinirvanaPlease stay with samnatabhadra for eons numberless as atoms of the world, For the happiness and well-being of all wanderers in samsara.

The King of Prayers

Finding Rest in Meditation: May I completely cleanse without omission Every negativity and aspirafion that obscures this awakening mind. Having gone to Sukhavati, May I actualize the meaning of these aspirations, Fulfilling qspiration all without exception, For the benefit of beings for as long as this world endures.

Without waiting long, They will become like Samantabhadra himself. The Verses that Saved Sakya from Sickness: Fine dress and fragrant perfumes, Sandalwood powder heaped high as Mount Meru, All wondrous offerings in spectacular array, I offer to you Victorious Ones.

Prayer of Kuntuzangpo

During his journey, Sudhana visits a succession of spiritual guides who teach by describing their own practice of the bodhisattva path and the methods they use to guide sentient beings.

Get to Know Us. Through dedicating our positive potential as the great bodhisattva Samantabhadra and Manjushri do, we protect our virtue from going to waste. With infinite oceans of praise for you, And oceans of sound from the aspects of my voice, I sing the breathtaking excellence of Buddhas, And celebrate all of you Gone to Bliss.

I had rejected my upbringing in the Christian faith as so much mumbo-jumbo, I was an atheist. What makes this book so unique is Dozogchen Ponlop Rinpoche’s explanation and insight of each line of the prayer.

May I traverse all my lives in the world, Free of karma Actions of our body, speech and mind. May all worlds in ten directions, Be entirely pure and vast.

Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a samantabadra. Having received a prediction there, May I create vast benefit For beings throughout the ten directions, With a billion emanations by the power of wisdom. The book itself is beautifully done, clearly organized and cleanly edited and includes a Tibetan version of the prayer and a detailed glossary at the end. Virtually all Mahayana schools revere this sutra.


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Popularly known as ‘The Teachings Blaze’ bstan ‘bar mathis prayer for samantabadra spread of the teachings bstan rgyas smon lam is especially popular in the Gelug tradition. Given as a series of talks in Germany and the United States, Penetrating Wisdom includes the text of the prayer, Rinpoche’s always-lively commentary, and lucid answers aspirahion questions posed by his students.

Through them we purify negativities and create vast positive potential or merit. Our positive potential becomes inexhaustible, so that we and all others may forever enjoy its fruits. Like all creation myths to continue that metaphorwhat is being described ov what is happening now – accessible through this present moment as creation continually unfolds or in the buddhist context, as we create and enter into samsara – cyclic conditioned existence – as deluded beings.

We will become Buddhas, with full wisdom, compassion, and skillful means to benefit all beings. Having removed all limiting projections and conceptions, Sudhana himself pervades the universe to benefit beings. The Sage’s Harmonious Song of Truth: Dudjom Rinpoche composed this prayer of aspiration to be reborn on the Copper Coloured Mountain of Glory, or Zangdok Palri zangs mdog dpal riafter his firstborn daughter, Dekyong Yeshe Wangmo, had left this samantabhaadra.

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