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The instrument manufacturer shall supply information where deviations exist.

What is Surface Texture B46.1 for Stainless

The electrical system for 2RC filtering must transmit surface wavelengths ranging from the designated long52 where the short wavelength roughness cutoff A, is less than or equal to 2.

However, the measured values of these and other parameters depend on details of the technique used for the measurement. Three surfaces with different skewness. To provide full readings withthe response times specifiedinpara.

The remaining profilemay still contain form errors in addition to waviness and roughness. The transmission for a sinusoidal, mechanical input to the stylus shall be flat to within? The b466.1 comprises the stylus, stylus holding mechanism, measuring transducer, and any signal conditioning associated with the measuring transducer.

This B46.1 divides area profiling techniques into two classes, i. For spatial wavelengths greater than the cutoff or b46.11 length, the effective attenuation rates of the three procedures differ. This Standard isnot concerned with luster, appearance, color, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, hardness, subsurface microstructure, surface integrity, and many other characteristics which may govern functional considerations in specific applications.

For digital instruments, the mechanical and electrical cutoff wavelengths should be smaller than the desired short-wavelength cutoff valuewhich should be accomplished with a digital filter. The function may be defined analytically by: A selection of gain settings isavailable on many instruments.


The capacitor and resistor values are selected to yield the desired transmission characteristic, consistent withthe traverse speed of the instrument. I as a depth from the highest peak with an optional offset ; 2 as a height from the mean line; or 3 as a percentage of the R, value relative to the highest peak see Fig.

The waviness transmission characteristic in the region of the short-wavelength The form error line then is the mean line for the waviness profile. The antialiasing filterremoves wavelengths shorter thantheNyquist wavelength prior to digitization.

The World’s First $19k 3D Profilometer:

As this system is traversed across the workpiece, z axis displacements of the stylus are transmitted to the measuring transducer, thus generating a profile of displacements relative to the b64.1 datum.

There will be no addenda or written interpretations of the requirements of this Standard issued to this edition. Standardlong-wavelengthroughness cutoff values are the same for both the Gaussian filter and the 2RC filterand are given in para.

Posting Guidelines Promoting, selling, recruiting, coursework and thesis posting is forbidden. Many instruments for measuring surface roughnessdepend on electrical processing of the signal produced by the vertical motion of a contacting probe traversed along the surface, in general, perpendicular to the lay direction.

The maximum recommended values of static measuring force are determined by the stylus radius.

Brown, Worcester Polytechnic Institute D. With a 10 pm stylus radius, the instrument maynotbe suitable for measuring very short spatial wavelengths; d This type of instrument yields surface parameter values and generates an output recording of filtered or skid-modified profiles, 2. If the short wavelength limit is set at too low a value, then undesirable fine structure will be included in the filtered profile and contribute to 4b6.1 results.

ASME B – Roughness Standard – Mechanical engineering other topics – Eng-Tips

Thisrange is delineated by the values of the short-wavelength cutoff and the longwavelength cutoff see, for example, Figs. The other beam then serves to measure a surface height profile of the circular pathtraced over the rotating surface with respect to the central reference point.


The size and condition of the wsme is estimated from the profile graphs see Table These anomalous readings are assme representative of the average surface condition, and such readings should not be usedin determiningroughness average. This filtering can be the result asmr mechanical filtering due to the finite stylus tip or the result of an electronic filter typically incorporated in the analog-to-digital converter. They can also be equipped with an auxiliary measuring system andused as a noncontacting null sensor.

The transmission characteristic near the short-wavelength cutoff of the roughness transmission band shall be equivalent to that produced by two idealized low-pass RC networks, with equal time constants, in series. Each calibrated specimen may have a limited range of application according aasme its own characteristics and those of the instrument to be calibrated.

The grooves on the measuring area have a constant profile,i. C6, if, b461 instance, a simple surface has two plane surfaces, Pand Pz, with a step edge occurring along a straight line AB, it will appear in the eyepiece as two separate lines A, B,and A, B.

The nominal values given assume negligible attenuation by the stylus or filter. The limits are defined by the n46.1 of the roughness long-wavelength cutoff and shortwavelength cutoff listed in Table See Sections 3 and 4 for values which are recommended for different types of roughness and waviness measurements. Contact, skidded instruments and procedures used to n46.1 roughness values of a given surface shall comply with the specifications in this Section.

Single skid systems, where the skid leads or lags the probe, may produce another source of skid error Here again, the skid vertical disas seen in Fig.