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Or you order a low priced rain poncho such as the robust German Military-Poncho. You can buy military clothing and military equipment comfortably and order conveniently online.

We offer a big assortment which is also suitable for doormen, bodyguards etc. Soldiers camp in all seasons and weather conditions.

ASMC offers for mobile as well as for stationary camping a huge choice at competitive prices of handy and practical products such as single- and double tentssleeping pads, spirit stoves, catzlogue, water filters, water sterelization, hammocksfolding chairs, dried food, camping dish sets etc.

Consequently a small, lightweight tent as well as a minimal equipment with as little weight as possible is important to backpackers.

Catslogue who are looking for adventure will find all the necessities for living in the great outdoors. In our weapon shop you find ammunition of caliber 4,5 mm, so called Diabolos or as well BB round bullets, flare ammunition, corresponding aasmc, optical gun sights such as sopes and reflector sights.

Dog Tags individual stamping. Sportguns such as air pressure guns, bending barrel guns, air guns amd CO2 pistols can only be dispatched after receipt of a proof of age. We offer original German Military equipment and clothing that we purchase from official German Military suppliers.

That’s why we do not only offer the corresponding weapons like softairguns and softair pistols with spring action, as CO2 models, AEG’s or gasdriven Blow-Back Pistols as well as Shotguns in our softairshop but also the matching ammunition caatalogue caliber 6 mm and 8 mm.

Cooking in the open is alway a challenge. ASMC offers as military shop a huge assortment of military equipment and clothing and is with over Our large line of knives can also be interesting for security personel and guards. If you are looking for security items you will find everything necessary for your mission. At ASMC you find everything you need for living in the great outdoors, cayalogue it camping, Trekking or other outdoor-activities.


Our wide range of knifes inspires both collectors and enthusiasts. In the lines cataloge decentral procurement we supply units of the German Military, customs and the federal police and are a competent partner for further governmental procurement agencies.

Plus Sizes fitting clothes. The corresponding protective equipment like helmets, gloves and protective goggles you can order in our armyshop at the same time. In the ASMC outdoorshop you find a huge choice of low prized camping cafalogue. Our range of products offers a wide variety of items for the security sector, be is handcuffsbatons, defense sprays etc. Also used military clothing can be found in our Army-Store: Starting with the correct security-clothing such as trousers, t-shirts, gloves, boots, badges as well as pepperspraysflashlights practical utilities like acoustic alarms, aasmc, magaphones etc.

For ASMC camping is part of our product philosophy.

Catalogs / Customer Cards

German Military Clothing such us undershirts, wet weather clothing, combat caps, belts etc. Starting with the right Outdoor-clothing like slacks, fishing vests, trekking boots, jungle hats as well as orientation guides, First-Aid-kits, flashlights, headlights, binoculars, lighters, sunglasses, rubber boats, pedometers, folding cots, folding chairs, backpacks, carrier bags, compasses, altimeters, climbing equipment etc.

Our tools, Leatherman, Gerber, Victorinox etc. Also bargain hunters get their chance at ASMC. If you are looking for military equipment and clothing you will find everything necessary for life inside and outside the barracks in our military-online shop. The security items you can order comfortably in our online-security shop.

Falke Socks TK1 blue. Mobile Apps download now. In Germany you need the small weapon licence for free weapons such as gaspistols, blankguns etc. Here you can order conveniently online.

Since military clothing and equipment is designed for heavy use and is very robust, the used items are often bought as cheap working clothes e. For water sports we do offer rubber boats with which you can start paddling immediately, since we do offer the accesseries like lifejackets and paddles as well.


German Army Style Gloves black. Thanks to our modern logistics and our high stock we are in the position to deliver the requested items within the shortest delay. Crossbow as well as sling shots can be found just like arching items complete with equipment such as arrows, target disks etc. Name Tapes 5 pack For your personal safety you find a wide range of defense sprays and CS gas in our security shop.

‎Catalogue ASMC on the App Store

ASMC sells the catalogu range of products concerning camping and outdoor. Our Military shop range of products offers a wide variety of items for the military, be it military clothing or equipment.

Consequently the camping section of ASMC has a military background. Enjoy the advantages of shopping online and browse freely in our wide range of products. They do not only protect from the sun but also keep off the rain. In general camping means a nature-oriented life in harmany with nature. With our survival matches or the magnesium firestarter a fire can be started reliably and everywhere, in a wet environment the waterproof matches are very useful. Subscribe here for our Newsletter.

Our range of products offers a wide choice of items for adventure, be it hammocks, tents, backpacks etc. At ASMC you can order outdoor items and leisure wear inexpencively and cheap online. Softair or Airsoft, this is an adventure as well. You can buy everything comfortably from your couch, without queues at the changing rooms, without the search for a parking space and without the jostle in crowded stores, have it delivered to your home and you cataloyue check your order in peace.

But not only weaponfreaks who are interested in decorational weapons get their money’s worth in our section shooting sports: