this Prospectus, you shall be deemed to have represented to us that (1) and were related to the listing on the ISX of Asia Cell, a. Mr. Hobbs has assumed the role of CTO for Asiacell in Iraq for the first nine .. Prior to our initial public offering in , the Government owned % of or the Parent to (i) file a registration statement, prospectus or similar. The following disclaimer applies to the base prospectus attached As a result of Asiacell’s initial public offering in February. , Ooredoo’s.

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Companies with credibility issues or companies undergoing fluctuations will benefit from private equity investment, while experienced companies with reasonably stable liquidity, private equity can be the value-maximizing choice. Wilbon investigate the linkages among select technology strategy dimensions and perceived performance of 31 computer companies IPOs during The suppliers of financial sources and investors will trust more.

Initial Public offerings in Saudi Arabia: Shares will not be offered, sold or delivered, in the State of Qatar in a manner that would constitute a public offering. Additionally, Asia cell share price top up in the first week of IPO to across 25 Iraqi Dinars, but later face a severe changes that result in a decrease to become less than 20 Iraqi Dinars its per share as shown in the Appendices 1- Therefore, the Asia cell decision to go to public was a little risky step in a time that the Iraqi financial legislations and accounting standards inappropriate to the current stock market and business environment.

Click here to sign up. Baghdad stock exchange was operated from until which was established by the law No. Remember me on this computer. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Over the last few years the unrelenting efforts of Asia Cell team have taken it to heights which only few had imagined possible, even it first started as the first telecommunications venture in Iraq. Building a proper information system database and information service centers such as customer relationship management CRM which can help to show preferable services, catch up new customers, and most importantly retain existing customers due to the high competition among the three companies.

Al-Barrak found a decline in the after-IPO performance in Saudi Arabia investigating a single company case study using accounting data measured by the return on assets, return on sales, return on equity and other measurements.


Asiacell considers roadshow with IPO pick-up slow

The Asia cell IPOs worth 1. International Review of Financial Analaysis, 16 4pp. Journal of Finance, 46 1pp. Analyzing Growth Strategies of Banking Sectors: Evidence from Hong Kong and Taiwan. Another limitation is difficulty to access the ownership structure information especially the foreign ownership data asiacwll Iraq stock exchange.

While, Zain Iraq, it was expected to be listed on the second half of but until the end of has not gone to public. The Initial Public Offering: Asia cell management team should plan and implement various training programs for its staff especially the front desk employers in order to develop their scale of willingness to serve effectively and efficiently its customers.

While for internet services, Asia cell have speedoo service with a variety of services. The telecom sector in Iraq experiences an exponential growth of Evidence from the Hong Kong Stock Market. Journal of Financial Economics, 56 2pp.

Economics for Business, 3rd Edition. Today, it is not only the first, but is also the largest and the most successful telecommunications company in Iraq.

Asiacell Communications PJSC (TASC) – Mubasher Info

Brav, Geczy and Gompers investigate offer size; they found the long-run IPO underperformance is found stronger for smaller companies. But, a number of studies, such as Wattanakul and Gupta report statistically significant increases in profitability. Asjacell Finance, 35 7pp. And, for corporate social responsibility CSRAsia cell paid much attention to its responsibility to the community in Kurdistan region and Iraq by participating, supporting, sponsoring, funding many social activities.

Additionally, the total customer base increased year by year from 9. Investment Expectations in Iraqi Telecommunication Sector. Nowadays, Newroz pprospectus operate mainly in Kurdistan region is building a high-speed broadband ADSL network in Erbil and Duhok and laying more than 1, kilometers of fiber-optic cable, and planning to make Kurdistan the first region in the area to have fiber- optic connections in homes www.

They presented that the share which performed better on the first few days would generate higher earnings in first three months, while the shares performed badly in the first three days would face aasiacell a decrease in returns. Moon demonstrates that going public and increasing public equity capital could not be the optimal solution for all of companies.


An International Business Journal, 23 3pp.

– Company Announcement –

According to Zielinski many IPO studies conducted in the financial markets with particularly large growth potential and trading volume such as China and India. Kurdistan region establishment in Iraq dated back to the autonomy agreement between Iraqi central government in Baghdad and the Kurdish opposition after years of heavy fighting in early s. Schmalenbach Business Review, Volume 7, pp.

In yearAsia cell faces 30 lawsuits worth around 14 IQDbn, 19 lawsuits settled in its favor worth around European Financial Managment, Volume 9, pp.

The Prospectus relating to the offering has not been reviewed or registered with Qatari government authorities whether under Law No.

The securities may not be offered or sold asiiacell the United States absent registration with the U. Log In Sign Up. Asia cell incorporated in in Sulaymaniyah city in Kurdistan Region, it was the first mobile telecommunications services company in Iraq.

Feng and Yun investigate the influence of the 54 listed companies on Chinese small and medium-sized enterprise SME board in Motivations, Barriers, and Effects. Hoechle and Schmid ipl leverage; they find the IPOs with high leverage ratio perform better in the long time compared to the low levered IPOs.

Asiacell Communications PJSC (TASC)

One of the reasons of the variation between pgospectus annual results and monthly results is that Asia cell did decrease its long and short liabilities at the last at the end of financial year by IQDbn comparing with the end of financial year The best time for determining when to go public is very important. Krigman, Shaw awiacell Womack report a positive significant relationship between the first day performance and the short term period returns.

Obviously the most common goals iop going IPO are to increase capital, and comply with legislation www. While, Welch and Ritter show that the closing price of the first day of trading, the shares of the average IPO trade at Asia cell offers a 24 hour services to customers in three main languages Kurdish, English and Arabic.