Editorial Reviews. Review. In this chilling debut, Mullin seamlessly weaves meticulous details about science, geography, agriculture and slaughter into his prose. In this grim, postapocalyptic tale, the Yellowstone supervolcano erupts, covering much of North America in volcanic ash and plunging the world. Assistant editor Drucilla Shultz recommends The Ashfall Series by Mike Mullin, a natural disaster adventure story following year-old Alex.

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It was so realistic. A relationship that includes sex as one of the normal components: Then there is Darla. In addition, Mullin never glosses over the facts or the hardships of living in a land filled with ash.

It’s science fiction I don;t like sci-fi and I loved itrealistic, a love story wound around an apocalypse, had adventure, and is so very well-written. People like my former history teacher would probably just read this and shake their head wondering why the main character even tried to get out of his house when it was on fire when the whole super-volcano thing started up. And she has a toy mulllin and she wears the albeit a little ashy pants in that relationship.

None of that mattered to me; I was in love.

I could mullkn myself being proud and disgusted all at the same time about situations that would arise. Why would someone want to live through a Nuclear Attack? And of course they’ll think of sex during times like that – I would want any escape I could get from the reality they were living.


People who hate getting ash in their kecks. Alex and Darla were perfectly imperfect and real. In the foreground is the Yellowstone River, winding peacefully through the Hayden Valley.

Staff Pick: The Ashfall Series by Mike Mullin

May 09, Sh3lly grumpybookgrrrl. It is just that honest. I was so enthralled with this book that I read it a little bit at a time mullon I wanted to relish this book and all that it was about.

After her father died she took over the corn and cattle farm single-handedly and failed school miserably because of that. Most people don’t know it’s there.

When this book comes out, pick it up people, and read it. People mullinn are looking for a new take on dystopian fiction. And it is irritating.

Tanglewood Publishing

You forgot your password and you need to retrieve it. The story races like a wildfire with enough plot twists and action for two books. View all 10 comments. I found myself shouting: Through the eyes of Alex we face thirst, hunger, exhaustion, cold, fear, pain, greed, murder and rape, but we also experience compassion, charity, faith, cleverness, lust, love, loyalty, braveness, strength, the will to survive and hope.

Sometimes, those decisions are huge like fleeing for your life because a supervolcano has erupted. Or, it might put on a surprise fireworks show next Independence Day. The people there are forced to survive.

He is so real.

Once I accepted my inadequacy and accepted that I would most likely be one of the first casualties, I could sit back and enjoy the story of Alex’s battle for survival on his journey to find his parents after the cataclysmic supervolcano and ensuing ashfall. This isn’t a fairytale with a happy ending, it’s gritty, sad, scary, real and hopeful. They are stripped of most belongings, there are not properly registered, they are lucky if tent space is available for them, they get a cup of rice each day and nothing else — while the camp managers receive provisions per refugee, drink coffee and ashfalp all the grain they discover in warehouses to ashrall highest bidder on the collapsing international market.


View all 13 comments. Because the Russians might not bomb Boston, ok? mullln

Of course everything but the most meagre dregs of humanity are going to be killed when that thing goes off. So, if you are into Dystopian novels, you should check out Ashfall. Oh wow this girl is almost more impressive than Alex.

Ashfall | Tanglewood Publishing

Where was the lavaaaa? I received an advanced copy of this book from the publishers. Now, Alex is forced to journey to find his parents — at any cost. If you are completely unfamiliar with the book, there will be some mild spoilers in the details.