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AS/NZS Amendment. Amendment 1 – incorporated. Published 18/ 08/ Valid from. 04/03/ Information provider. Standards New Zealand. AS/NZS Parking facilities – Off-street car parking. Type: Document; Date: ; Web address: to in Australian Standard AS/NZS Parking Facilities – Part 6: . ( Source: Figure Angle parking module layouts – AS/NZS ).

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Licensed to Mr Steven Waters on 29 April See also Appendix B, Paragraph B4. The number of entry and exit lanes required in a large car park will depend on ss following: The design envelope provides for structural elements to be clear of all four side doors. The height shown shall be adjusted whenever roadway resurfacing or other activity reduces the nsz. Traffic control devices for general use Part In any one car park, all parking spaces of the same type shall be marked in the same way.

AS/NZS – Road Safety Products

Different amounts of door opening will be required to provide differing levels of service i. Class W—45 to 54; Class X—35 to Informative A1 SCOPE This Appendix provides data on design vehicle characteristics and dimensions on which the base dimensions given in Appendix B have been determined and subsequently developed into design criteria. The length is the same as that of the previous 50th percentile vehicle and the width is 40 mm wider.

Limiting dimensions shall be as shown in Table 2.

Standards New Zealand :: Parking facilities – Off-street car parking

Home As NZS Where there are no standard symbols for a particular message, words should be 28901. Statements expressed in mandatory terms in notes to tables and figures are deemed to be requirements of this Standard.

A considerable amount of inconvenience can be caused by collisions with overhead appurtenances such as fire sprinklers. See footnote to Clause 1. In the absence of alternatively researched data, the following maximum lane capacities should be used in determining the number of entry or exit lanes required: These categories are set out in Table 3.

They reflect the latest scientific and industry experience. In most cases, the width required for manoeuvring will be greater than those shown in Table B4.


Any variations on standard parking dimensions such as rear-mounted hoists should be investigated further. Licensees are permitted to make one electronic copy of the Product for backup International Standards on-line at infostore. Where there is to be provision for two vehicles to pass, B99 and B85 swept path templates with clearances incorporated are used in combination.

The size of the queuing area may be determined from consideration of the following: These standards are developed through an open process of consultation and consensus, in which all interested parties are invited to participate.

Type 1 humps are usually formed in bituminous concrete. The two-way value applies only to aisles with 90 degree parking. Where there is an obstruction adjacent to a space, e.

FOREWORD As an integral part of transportation, provision for car parking is vital to the economic life of communities, whether it is in city central business districts, town business centres, shopping centres, hospitals, department stores, entertainment and sporting facilities, or other traffic generators.

R Aust only R Aust only black on white The height shown shall be the measured minimum clearance see Clause 5. There is now a light car 28890.1 that more closely represents the size of vehicles that were originally in the small car category.

Pedestrian control and protection Part Maximum gradients for such floors shall be as specified in Clause 2.

Where parallel parking is provided on both sides of a two-way aisle, the aisle widths shown in Figure 2. This means nze effect that if a grade change of more than 8 degrees or 14 percent is required, it needs either to be effected in two or more stages, each separated by at least the longest wheelbase among vehicles using the facility, or by design of a vertical curve which will achieve the same objective.

If a greater level of control is required on longer roadways, the road hump specified in AS The representative dimensions of the light car are a length of mm and a width of mm. For aisles where there is parallel parking on one or both sides, see Clause 2. Australian Bollards products pertain to the AS Pavement markers, if used, shall be substantially flush i.


It should be considered for high turnover situations, especially where minimum width spaces have been used. Whereas such increases in dimension would normally result in an increase in swept path during turns, this has been avoided 28901. the rounding of the front and rear of the vehicle.

AS/NZS 2890.1:2004

Can the product handle harsh Australian weather conditions? Move the template aas and forth along the plot, ensuring that the heavy line, nzw the underside of the design vehicle, does not fall below the plot at any point.

As noted in Paragraph A5, whilst the majority of these are below mm in height, there are some commonly used vehicles whose height is approaching mm. See also Clause 4. The end spaces shall have a minimum width between the centre-line of the space and the end wall or obstruction of 1.

Compared with the model which represented the 85th percentile vehicle in previous editions of this Standard, there has been an increase in overall length mmfront overhang and rear overhang, but a slight decrease in wheel base. A survey of the New Zealand fleet conducted by the Land Transport Safety Authority in indicated that the 50th percentile is 4.

Category 3 and 4 facilities may also be considered for provision as intersections.

Assistive Technology Australia

For parallel parking on both sides of a one-way aisle the aisle width shall be at least twice that shown in Figure 2. The word EXIT should be reserved for use on emergency evacuation signs only.

The minimum turning circle diameter kerb to kerb for the B99 vehicle is Locations where high volume entry and exit points join frontage roads, i.

They may also be required within the car park at any intersecting roadway at which hazards could arise if right of way is not assigned or approach speed controlled. The corresponding slip resistances British Pendulum Number are: