Abstract. Billy Biswas, the protagonist of Arun Joshi’s second novel, The Strange Case of Billy Biswas faces the problem of the barren, modern. literary milieu of the period to which Joshi belongs. Arun Joshi’s The Strange Case of Billy Biswas shows the process of alienation and rehabilitation via a 3- tier. The Strange Case of Billy Biswas (), which is chronologically the second novel of Arun Joshi (), shows his study of three different levels of life in .

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The story of the Anthropology professor at Delhi University being transformed into a completely primitive tribal man is something really strange. Mule over or let go! A beautiful and an amazing read this story was!

First interaction between Billy a Romy. Despite the year it was published in and the occasional temporal references, the book can pass off as contemporary.

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Arun Joshi

For the sake of his longing for Return to Nature he forsakes even his life. Real peach, pleasure and perfection can be found in the natural and primitive atmosphere rather than in the din and bustle of big cities of Delhi. The tale was told with fine sophistication narrated by his close buddy that maintains interesting succession of events.

Arun Joshi deserves much more readership. Billy offers to share his apartment with Romi, which is situated in one of the worst slums of New York City. He never mocks the men and women bill he critiques. Take us until you have had your fill. This is what I have always dreamt of.


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Want to Read saving…. His grandfather had been the Prime Minister of the famous princely state in Orissa.

The strange case of Billy Biswas by Arun Joshi | Sulekha Creative

He improved relationships with Self, Casd, Cosmos, Nature and others. Call for Papers Under Continuous Publication Czse We are inviting papers and book reviews on any topic under the following broad disciplines throughout the year. This synthetic approach of the novelist towards emerging paradigm of values reveals his deep observation of different levels of life and his pang bulged out due to the deterioration of traditional values due to materialistic and indifferent life.

The author of five novels, written mainly during the s, who thd the Sahitya Akademi award for his penultimate book, The Last Labyrinthbarely registers as a name today. Prakash Book Depot, Chances are that you will identify in bits and pieces with the main character Billy Biswas who is an explorer of the life as they say it bu Would have never come across this book had a caase read bookseller not thrusted it upon me, assuring that – “In sahib ne s mien wo sab likh ke chod diya jo aap log abhi dhang se samajh bhi nahi paa rahe srtange – which roughly translates to “This guy could pen down the very stuff so beautifully in s which you are grappling to even come to terms with”.

Romi, the narrator and one of the handful of Billy’s closest friends, tell us about the strange case of Billy Biswas. The strange case of Billy Biswal had at last been disposed of.

The Strange Case of Billy Biswaswhich is chronologically sgrange second novel of Arun Joshishows his study of three different levels of life in the present world depicting mediocre slum life in Harlem in New York, highly advanced life in Delhi and subsistence level of life in the Maikala Hills in Satpura region.


The Strange Case of Billy Biswas

The novel is a severe condemnation of the spiritual uprootedness of the post-Independence Westernized Indian Society. Conclusion This book is a quick read pages. During their talk Billy does not reveal any repentance over his running away from Delhi. The district officials were ordered to search out Agun and to take him back before the Biswases.

But even through the s and beyond, post-Rushdie, when Anita Desai, Khushwant Singh and others had moved to foreign or multinational brands, and Penguin India had set up shop, and publishing was starting to become the big-ticket affair it is today, Joshi was still with Orient. Nevertheless, xase is worth considering, that even as we celebrate writers from the world over, we may have forgotten the best of our own.

Strangd thought provoking novel, in which the normal and the abnormal, the ordinary and the extraordinary, illusion and reality, resignation and desire rub shoulders. Glimpses of Indo-English Fiction. You don’t see the country fit to live in permanently, then why glorify it in your writing? She is the right woman to satisfy his soul. This is what I have always dreamt of